Built computer from scratch and fans turn on but nothing is displayed

By kentskid ·
I am building my first computer from scratch. I bought everything separately.

Motherboard: ASUS P5K Deluxe
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor E6600 2.4GHz 1066MHz 4MB LGA775
Video Card: ATI Radeon X1950
RAM: 2 x Coarsair 1GB 800Mhz DDR2

I turned it on a first and I didn't get anything but a red light that flashed once at it was gone. I took everything out of the case; jumped the BIOS, and now I'm jumping the power on things that stick out of the motherboard with a screw driver. I hear the fans when I do this but nothing is displayed.

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Jump things with a screwdriver

by normhaga In reply to Built computer from scrat ...

You very well could have destroyed the MB by doing that.

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jump things with a screw driver

by kentskid In reply to Jump things with a screwd ...

I asked ASUS for help and that's what they told me to do. I can get the board running... just no picture is displayed.

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When you spoke to ASUS did you ask about known compatibility issues

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Built computer from scrat ...

Between the Video card and M'Board? That is the most likely thing here and though not as common on Intel Chip Set M'Boards it can still happen.

As this is a PCI Express Video M'Board are you using the right type of Video Card?

All that you should be shorting out is the Power Switch to turn on outside of the case and here you should have the M'Board sitting on Paper as I'm assuming that you don't have the proper Anti Static Bench Top so lay the M'Board with the Video Card plugged in on paper and connect the power supply to all the connections there should be 2 main connections on this particular M'Board and try again. Of course make sure that the Monitor is actually working on another working computer as you don't want to waste your time & effort on a faulty monitor.

Lets know what happens but with the M'Board out of the case you should be able to see the CPU Fan working.


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Figured out most of my problems...

by kentskid In reply to When you spoke to ASUS di ...

Well... I have the motherboard on its anti static piece of plastic that it came with. Underneath the anti-static piece of plastic I put the case side so it's on something hard for support. I was messing around and I plugged the case speaker into the motherboard and I turned it on and there was 1 long beep followed by 3 short beeps. I looked in the manual and it said VGA problem. Well... I just bought this VGA card so it can't be bad. I changed out the power cable going from the power supply to the VGA card and it worked.

Now it's saying the windows cd I have either isn't valid or isn't a windows cd at all. EVEN THOUGH it goes through the boot process and loads to the windows installation... I press f8 to agree and after that it tries to find the cd and it can't... :*(

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Check your Keyboard to make certain

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Figured out most of my pr ...

that the Function Keys don't have more than 1 use. If they do you need to make sure the the Function Key's are set to On as if they are not you will get this problem occurring with the Windows Installer failing to finish the setup procedure.


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Function keys?

by kentskid In reply to Check your Keyboard to ma ...

I was having trouble with my USB keyboard so I plugged in a PS2 keyboard. It will boot. It's just that going through the blue screen at Windows installation; I haven't even entered a CD-Key, I press F8 to agree and it looks for the CD. It says that I either have an invalid cd or I need a full version. I bought this CD from a store. It cost me about $140. It says upgrade on the disk. So I put it into my laptop and I do have an installation option for Win XP Pro through the GUI of my laptop.

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Is this a Full version of XP or an Upgrade?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Function keys?

The full version can be either a Retail Copy or an OEM while the Upgrade will be just that.

If you have an XP Upgrade CD it needs the old OS installed so that it can confirm that you are using the correct copy. A retail or OEM Version will load to any computer from the Boot Option. The only Windows Update that you can install through the GUI is SP2 for XP as all the rest require Root access to the HDD.

OK that isn't strictly speaking correct but as NT is now dead & Buried and not many people use 2000 Pro I was talking about XP, ME, 98 & 95 all the domestic versions of Windows.

If you have a Keyboard that uses the Function Keys to do more than 1 thing when you get to agreeing with the End User License Agreement in XP if you do not pres the F8 Key it will drop out of the install process so you need to be sure that the Function Keys are turned on and that they are not attempting to do something else.


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by kentskid In reply to Is this a Full version of ...

Oh well, I'll just purchase a copy of the FULL version of Windows XP Pro SP2 for $54.99 at Not a bad deal. Now I just have to wait forever for it.

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