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built my first comp and it wont turn on

By jsvb1977 ·

it tries to power on, but shuts off before POST.

not sure what to do. must be the PSU connections to the mobo and sata devices.

any suggestions?

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by mjd420nova In reply to built my first comp and i ...

First start by striping the unit down to bare essentials, Video, floppy or cd, keyboard and monitor card. Turn the monitor on first, at least 30 seconds ahead of time. Observe the monitor for flashes and the keyboard for lights
when you apply power. if that appears okay, then add the Hard disk drive and other boards or drives one at a time to find the problem part.
If it doesn't boot striped down, and the power
supply tries to start, check the drive next, then the keyboard. For most types of failure like this, replace the power supply and double check the wattage size to be sure it's big enough

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by jsvb1977 In reply to built my first comp and i ...

thank you -- i will try that. the monitor is the only used component, could this be the prob?

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by JEPott In reply to built my first comp and i ...

Make sure all your power connectors are in correctly - I've seen a user plug the power to the floppy drive in wrong and causing this issue. You can also try re-seating all your memory, CPU, and Cards (video, PCI) - simply take them out and put them back in and ensure that they are in all the way and correctly. Another thought is to clear the BIOS on the MB - you will need to take a look at the MB manual for specifics on how to do this. Try booting the machine with the bare minimum hardware - no need to have any of the drives connected (unplug them completely). If none of these work then you will probably need to get a different Power Supply. Hope you can get your system running.


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by jsvb1977 In reply to built my first comp and i ...

i am in the process of remving one component at a time. i am down to only the graphics card, ram, and cpu.

thanks for the advice. i want this thing up and running, too!

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by Sardukkan In reply to built my first comp and i ...

The suggestion about the poer is a good one. Did you see a small 4 pin square molex plug comming off the power supply? This goes to the only place it'll plug into on the MoBo. I Upgraded a MoBo in my system last year year & Didn't have one of these on my power supply. Went and bought a 2 doller pigtail adn poof! My Sys powered up!

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to built my first comp and i ...

Not sure if this will be of any help but some M'Boards come with a jumper set to disable the BIOS. I think this is to prevent the battery going flat but they are a real nightmare the first time you run across one.

You'll need to look at the M'Board manual and make sure that the BIOS is enabled and not disconnected from the M'Board before you go any further.

If that isn't the problem pull the CPU and look for bent Pins on its base if it was hard to insert into the CPU socket it's just possible that you put it in the wrong way and bent some pins to get it to fit the socket. If the CPU isn't in correctly the PS will not continue to run as they way that these work is to start the PS and then wait for a reply from the M'Board to keep the PS running if that reply doesn't come the PS shuts down. So you need to look at the CPU and RAM mostly and make sure both are in their sockets properly.

While it is possible to fit a Molex connector incorrectly it's not easy to do but make sure that the 20/24 Power Pin connector is plugged in completely and there will be at least 1 $ pin connector a square shape and maybe another standard HDD/CD Drive type connector on the M'Board make sure that these are actually plugged in and in all the way. They should only go in one way so you do not need to force them in.

There is one other thing that I've run across on a new case and that was the reset switch had a bad molding on it and was sticking in the Reset position so the system never started. To test this disconnect the front panel connector for the Reset Switch and see if it will start then. If it does you'll have to pull the switch button and file it down so it no longer sticks.


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by jsvb1977 In reply to built my first comp and i ...

i was unable to identify the faulty component, mostly due to lack of experience and lack of tools. i have taken the system to a tech.

thank you for all of your input. i will post the solution in the days to come.

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by kevinotakos In reply to built my first comp and i ...

try testing all your components one by one one a working computer.thencheck your processor

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