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Built my first computer

By pappasmurfsr49 ·
I use a DELL 4100 case & motherboard. I reformatted a 20GB hard drive,installed XP Home, 2ram sticks =384MB,replaced powersupply & modem, all from other computers. My problem is its slow to boot,I've lost the partitions,and it keeps telling me install diskete in (A)drive. I dont hav much money so i built it outa leftovers.
Any help would be great. Pappy

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Built my first computer

If you've lost the partitions that where previously on the HDD and it's still booting the most likely explanation is that you allowed XP to do a Format of the HDD when you installed it.

The speed taken to boot can depend on several items the most common is CPU Speed and available RAM but if the BIOS isn't set correctly this can slow down Boot Speed as well. Also if you have an On Board Video system some of the available system RAM will be dedicated to Video RAM and the CPU will be being used as a GPU so it will be much slower than it should be as well. If this is the case you should check the amount of System RAM Dedicated to the Video and lower it down to an acceptable level something like 16 to 32 MEG but no more and if you are not doing any graphic work it can be lower still.

As far as the request for an install floppy is concerned I would bet that something has not been installed like a Modem Driver or similar and every time you boot it up the New Hardware Wizard is running in an attempt to install the correct drivers for the hardware. You can cancel out of this and go to System Management and see what isn't installed and then find the drivers and possibly program for this device and install the drivers at least from the System Management by right clicking on the device with the yellow circle with the black line through it and then left click on Install Drivers or Upgrade Drivers which could be on a floppy or CD and you can point the install manager to the correct place where the drivers are saved for install.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

There are a lot of devices that are not recognised by the basic Windows Install process and you have to manually install drivers for these after the initial Windows Install. The most common things are Video Drivers, Sound Drivers, Modem Drivers and Printer Drivers but depending on the M'Board it can also be a special driver for the M'Board Chip Set so really it can be anything and Windows isn't overly useful in telling you what hardware it wants to install until it is well into the install process.

To find out all you have to do is go into the System Management and click on Devices to see what is and what isn't installed. The easiest way to get there is to open the control panel and then chose Classic View click on the Administrative Tools and then Computer Management and then in the next Window Devices. Anything with a yellow circle beside it isn't installed.


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by westec77 In reply to Built my first computer

Every time I build a computer it's like my first time. The last time I experience this problem, I found a hardware device was damaged (internal) and was causing conflicts with the motherboard. Do you have AGP onboard?

see ya @

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by pappasmurfsr49 In reply to Built my first computer

I think I found what it is....its not seeing the H-drive @ bootup. I'm lookin for a program to show me whats inside this computer.CPU-z ?
This way i can lookup bios for my motherboard @ DELL. I think the BOOT sequence is out of order.
Not arranged corectly. Its asking for the bootdisk to be put in A drive ( floppy )Cause it cant see i makin sense?

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