built new comp and started it up. get MSI screen then blinking white dash

By TKJamie ·
how do i get my OS to install or go to bios? have tried starting comp with OS disk in drive. not sure what to try next. first time i have built a comp.anyone help me out?

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First you need to install an Operating System ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to built new comp and starte ...

Otherwise there's nothing for the computer to display.

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sorry fixed first problem. next step.

by TKJamie In reply to First you need to install ...

i removed my graphics card and used the on board one. this gave me an image. now i m not sure how to install the OS. disk is in drive and drive is connected. just get MSI screen then blinking white dash on black screen.

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Reset CMOS then Enter BIOS Setup

by TheChas In reply to sorry fixed first problem ...

You need to get into BIOS setup and set the system to look for your drives and boot from the CD/DVD drive.

Check the motherboard manual and follow the process to reset the CMOS memory.

Then, while the MSI screen is up, hit the key to enter BIOS setup.

Go through the BIOS setup screens and set up to detect your drives. Then set the boot sequence so that your optical or CD drive is the first boot device.

I would also disable the quick memory test and enable the POST screen until you have everything working properly. Lets you see what is happening, and gives you more time to enter BIOS setup.


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Also when you enter the BIOS

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to built new comp and starte ...

The right key is listed on the Bottom of the MSI Screen and is generally Delete it should read something like Press Delete to Enter Setup.

After you have set all of your required changes in the BIOS including setting the correct Time & Date when you go to exit the BIOS you will be prompted to Save Changes make sure that you click on Yes or what you have just done will not be saved and you'll need to setup again.

While in the BIOS check to make sure that the CPU, HDD/s and Installed RAM is correctly identified. As you are using the On Board Video some of the Installed Memory will be getting used to generate the Video so the amount used which is set in the BIOS will not be shown on the First BIOS Screen.

So if you have 1 GIG of RAM installed and 64 MEG set aside for the On Board Video the Installed RAM will appear as 900 & Something MEG.

Also make sure that the BIOS Clear Jumper is set to run and not clear as some M'Boards come with the Jumper set to Clear to prolong the BIOS Battery life. If you do not set this properly before entering the BIOS any changes that you make will be lost the first time Power is removed.

You'll need to set your Boot Order which will be under Boot Order to Optical Drive First then HDD to be able to boot off the Optical Drive every time that you start the computer. It's better to leave things that way so if you need to use a Boot Disc you do not need to make any changes.


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