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Bulb function in (compact) Digital Cameras

By art ·
I'm essential looking for a small, compact digital around 7 megapixels+ which has a bulb function. I have a Lumix FZ5, and this is a GREAT camera, just limited with it's 8 sec shutter speed as I'm wanting to take night/astro shots. Also, hoping it'll fit into a pocket, unlike my FZ5.

I've been searching through for reviews on compact digital cameras with Bulb function and found some, however when I go to the manufacturer's sites, in particular the Panasonic site, they state that their 3 compact digital cameras only have Program AE, for the TZ1, FX12 and FX30. I've used the link (http://review.zdnet.com/4566-6501_16-0.html?filter=501829_5000334_) to find cameras with only Bulb function, or does this simply mean that they expose the shot for longer than standard speeds, ie 15, 30 and 60 seconds?

Any help, or suggestions on cameras greatly appreciated ... not looking to spend over AUS$1000 just yet, otherwise I'd be looking at DSLRs.

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Olympus S series

by TheChas In reply to Bulb function in (compact ...

Take a look at the Olympus S series cameras.

The S 510, 550 and 560 all have bulb mode with up to 8 minutes of exposure time.

While not shirt pocket size, they are very versatile and functional.

They do have LCD viewfinders. So, you may need to cover or tape over the eyepiece for your sky shots.


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