Bulk Adding users with mailboxes in active Directory

By nick_hopkins ·
Hi, I'm an I.T assistant at a small charity and I've got to add quite a few new users (70+) to our system via active directory. We use 2003 server and Outlook exchange 2003 server. Is there a way I can bulk add the users, so that the relevant information is filled in, including profile and terminal services profile paths AND a mailbox created for each user with preferably the Alias and Default e-mail address being filled in.

I've looked into using a VBscript that takes the data from a CSV file. This worked but only the logonname, first name, surname and password where filled in and no mail box was created.

I have a gut feeling I'm asking too much and most of what I want will only work if a specialist piece of software is purchased but I thought I'd ask anyway.

Many Thanks


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You need 3rd party software to do this, as CSVDE won't work

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Bulk Adding users with ma ...

for creating mailboxes

Look into Quest Software for a product called Wingra, as they have something to allow you to do bulk imports of users and mailboxes from CSV files, which can be created in Excel.

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if you still need this...

by me In reply to Bulk Adding users with ma ...

I have created a script for myself that adds new users to AD from an Excel spreadsheet populating the following user attributes:
as well as creating a Mailbox, assigning a password and setting the account to force the user to change the password on first logon.

I cobbled it together using info from other scripts that I found via google (see links below) and used a list of the user attributes available at and to add whatever attributes were relevant to my organisation.


Hope this is of some help to you :-)

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script to create AD & Exchange

by snajafi In reply to if you still need this...

Have you added your script as a download anywhere? I can't see a link to download it.

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by susan.johnson1 In reply to script to create AD & Exc ...

I have used CSVDE to bulk create everything except for the password. If you use ADSI Edit you will see the Attributes you need to add in your spreadsheet. Also go to this website it will help. I mass create over 800 student accounts twice a year.

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Wrong Link

by noiesmo In reply to if you still need this...
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Bulk Users Management Solutions

by victorxxx In reply to Bulk Adding users with ma ...

For More Details look here
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