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    Bull excrement!


    by rodo1 ·

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      Bull excrement! my eye

      by rodo1 ·

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      Look at what comes out on “patch Tuesday” some time. The last security patch applied to ALL versions of IE which tells me at least some of the code is the same in all versions.

      FYI, I am no “fanboy” of anything. Your snarky, smartaleck reply was certainly no value-add to the discussion. Also, FYI, I have been using Windows for over 20 years and I quit falling for that “safest, most secure Windows yet” marketing BS years ago.

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      This is why the spirits frown upon mediums…

      by ansugisalas ·

      In reply to Bull excrement!

      – always out of context…

      …or should that be medio? Nevermind…

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