Bulleted list in Outlook

By dwalker ·
When trying to use bullet/number list in Outlook using the tab or shift+tab to move through the levels doesn't work. I there an easier way to put these in an email and be able to work through different levels. Right now I put in all the main topics then go back and add the next level in between.

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re: Outlook Bulleted List

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Bulleted list in Outlook

Tab and Shift/Tab won't move the level of indentation for the list numbering. It only adds/subtracts a tab (spaces) before the text you're typing.

If you're wanting to indent the outline levels (ie: going from A. to a nested 1.) if you have the formatting toolbar turned on, you can highlight a line and click the Increase Indent button. That will indent the line you've highlighted.

If you want the next line to be less indented, highlight it and click Decrease Indent.

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