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Bullets and Numbering in Word 2003

By sathyan26 ·
We have big problem fixing bullets and Numbering in the files we receive from client. If it is fixed at one end the other end gets disturbed or the numbering continues from the previous paragraph with the restart numbering option greyed out. At times it does not take the styles applied. Please suggest

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by zlitocook In reply to Bullets and Numbering in ...

It sounds like he is using an older version of office or dose not have all the updates. But it is hard to tell with out seeing the documents. Are the documents emailed or do you pull them from a website?
Do you use filtering on your switches or routers, and dose your antivirus remove macros?
Try to have them sent to a diffrent computer to see if comes through ok. It could be a setting in your office product.

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by Jack-M In reply to Bullets and Numbering in ...

You can use the formatting toolbar. After applying formatting to some text you might want to apply that same formatting again to some different text. One of the easiest ways is to use the Format Painter button on the standard toolbar.
Here's how:
Type a sentence into MS Word, press Enter and then type another sentence.
Apply the formatting of your choice to the first sentence.
Click the Format Painter button.
Click and drag across the second (or more) sentence. The formatting is painted onto the new text, and the feature turns off automatically.
If you have multiple blocks of text to be formatted, double click the Format Painter button instead of single clicking it. The Format Painter button remains on until you turn it off by pressing ESC or clicking the Format Painter button again.
The easiest way to apply bullets or numbering is to select existing paragraphs, and then click either the Numbering or Bullets button on the formatting toolbar.
If you're getting text already done but not numbered or bulleted, type a test line of text above what you are trying to number and/or bullet.
Click the Bullets or Numbering button.
Type your test line of text (to be removed later)
Press Enter. Word applies a bullet or number to the next item automatically.
For text already done select Format>Bullets and Numbering. In the dialog box you'll find a variety of styles from which to select as well as a Customize button for setting up your own custom number formats and bullet characters.
I hope this works for you. Take what you need and forget the rest.

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by Maevinn In reply to Bullets and Numbering in ...

Make sure that the bullets and numbering isn't turned on in Auto-Format--that will goof up existing series as well.

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by sathyan26 In reply to Bullets and Numbering in ...

Thanks all for your comments. But i believe the problem lies in MS Word itself and not in the files we receive. I have heard similar issues from my colleagues abroad. I had tried all the tricks but in vain

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