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Bundling Question???

By cabledude ·

I have a customer who is very adament about bridging his 2 cable modem connections together. He has 2 DOCSIS 1.0 CM's with 1.5/128 streams on each, he wants to bridge these connections to get 1 3 meg stream. I thought that if you used aswitch and created separate VLAN'S for each CM this may be possible since you're separating the broadcast domain's. Will this work?? If so what kind of a switch would you recommend???


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Bundling Question???

by TheChas In reply to Bundling Question???

Unless the 2 cable feeds are from different cable trunk lines, you will not see any significant speed increase by combining them. (Even if you get it to work)

The reason is that there is a maximum data rate for each cable trunkline, and you only get that data rate if their are no other users on the trunk.
Since the customers second line would be a second user, he may functionally halve his data rate by running both connections simultaneously.

You can check this by downloading the same large file from both connections simultaneously, and then try 2 files from different web sites.

If both connections slow down for both tests, then there is nothing to be gained by bridgeing the connections.

If there is no loss in data rates, or only a slight loss, then it may be worth it to attempt to find a way to bridge the data streams.

Remind the customer, that data rates will be reduced when other subscribers on the same trunkline are using the bandwidth.


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Bundling Question???

by cabledude In reply to Bundling Question???

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Bundling Question???

by cabledude In reply to Bundling Question???

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