Burn playlist option is disabled in iTunes

By techidea ·
I wanted to burn a playlist from my ipod on to a disc. However, that option is greyed out. I don't understand why. The other thing that I noticed was that this option is enabled for one playlist that is on iTunes, but not for all the playlists.
Is it normal for itunes to behave this way or this is something wierd thats happening on my laptop?
Its so irritating to find that you cannot copy playlists from ipod to itunes.
Oh btw, OS is Vista.
Is there anyway out?

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Re: Burn playlist option is disabled in iTunes

Under "playlists" you can make your own playlists and from this you can burn to disc.
Please post back if you have anymore problems or questions.

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Re: Burn playlist option is disabled in iTunes

by techidea In reply to Re: Burn playlist option ...

As I said ealier, iTunes cannot create playlists from songs on iPOD So cant create playlists from the songs.
Nope, I do not have the songs on the computer( it crashed and with it went everything).
Can't use winamp, songs are on ipod and not on the system.
About the protection, how is that not a single playlist has this option enabled? It could be true for one or more song, not for every song. I guess this is a bug(or a nuisance) in iTunes itself unless it is enabled on others iTunes.

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re: winamp

by ksmith In reply to Re: Burn playlist option ...

Winamp gives you the option to copy the music off of the iPod and onto your computer.

Otherwise you would need to open up the iPod in My Computer and pull the songs off through there. I do not have my iPod with me at the moment but I believe the music is in a hidden folder once inside. If you take this approach, Just copy the whole folder onto your computer and then load it into iTunes. Once in iTunes, all the music will go back to their original names.

iTunes will not give allow you to burn music that is not on your computer. It also will not allow you to copy music from your iPod to your computer. They don't want people "sharing" music.

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re: winamp

by techidea In reply to re: winamp

Thanks a lot for the help. I was not aware that Winamp allows music from iPod to be copied.
About copying the music from iPod to the computer, well it was possible in XP but in vista, I am not able to view the iPod as a storage device and hence not able to copy the music too. Is there something extra that I need to do?

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re: vista

by ksmith In reply to re: winamp

hmm...I don't have vista anymore, but it should still be able to be viewed as a storage device, because that is one of its uses. I am not sure why you can't see it though...perhaps someone else can answer.

Personally I would still refer winamp as it is a much better player and very customizable. The choice is yours though.

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by ksmith In reply to Burn playlist option is d ...

It is possible that the music has some extra copyright protection on it that won't allow it to be burnt to a disc. I am not sure what I am allowed to say in here, but there are ways around that.

Is all the music from the playlist on the ipod currently located on your computer as well? If not that could be an issue as well.

Personally I prefer winamp.

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Ipod and Vista.?

Yes vista should load up the ipod as a storage device, well it did on xp. As with itunes, itunes should detect the ipod as all Apples products intergrate with each other (strange). Please post back if you have anymore problems or questions.

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Re: iPod, Vista and Winamp

by techidea In reply to Ipod and Vista.?

First about Vista: I am able to see the Calendar, Contacts and other data folders that I had created. I am not able to see the folders that have songs in it. May be they are hidden( not sure) and I am yet to discover how to view hidden and system files in vista through explorer.
iPod and Winpamp: I was able to view all the playlists that are on iPod in Winamp. I realised that I could not burn them directly so I moved them to the local media. Tried burning the CD from there, but it just didnt work. Although in winamp it would show me tracks(just 2 )but as Data, but in windows explorer it was showing it as a blank CD. Any idea why?
So I again imported all the songs in iTunes(since they had been copied to local media), created a new playlist and was able to burn a CD. But not without problems.I realised if you format the CD through Vista and label it, iTunes would not treat that CD as blank and eject that CD

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Format CD??

Are you sure about formating the cd?? Do you not mean dvd? If you are formating make sure it is dvd ? rw.

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re: format

by ksmith In reply to Re: iPod, Vista and Winam ...

Why would you format the cd first?

The only reason I could see doing that is if it were a cdrw, but even then I would just go in and remove what was on there manually.

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