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Burned data DVD not readable on DVD/CDRW drive

By QPhysics ·
Hello everyone,
I have a DVD+/-RW burner in my new desktop and DVD/CDRW combo drives in all my other computers. I bought the DVD writer for a couple reasons:
a) I thought the DVD burner would be a good option for doing backups by sharing folders on the network.
b) Some of the data sets I work with in my research (I'm a theoretical physicist) are too large to fit on a single CD.

When I burn a data DVD then put it in the drive on any of the other computers, it isn't recognized. It doesn't spin up, and Windows Explorer shows no media in the drive. It doesn't do me much good to have backups that I can only read on one computer, or burn data sets that I can't read in my laptop when I go to a conference.
The combo drives can all read and play DVD movies and DVD-format game I don't see why they act so strangely with a data DVD I burned at home.

Is there some magic trick I'm missing here?
Thanks in advance for any and all tips.

John Huesman

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DVD -R media

by Mr.Wiz In reply to Burned data DVD not reada ...

Your cdrw/dvd drive will probably only read dvd -r media, not +r or dvd rw. I've run into that problem before. Check the specs for the cdrw/dvd drive and see which types of dvd it will read and then use that to burn your backups from the other machine.

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finalize the burn, media type, burn type

by gralfus In reply to Burned data DVD not reada ...

I would check to make sure the burn is being finalized. Some drives can have trouble recognizing a disk that isn't finalized. The media type or even brand may be an issue, as the other writer said. Finally, are you making a strict data DVD, or formatting and using it as a drive (packet writing)? I've never done that with a DVD, but with CDs it can't be read on other machines that don't have that kind of software installed.

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More information

by QPhysics In reply to Burned data DVD not reada ...

I have tried both DVD-R and DVD+R, writing a data DVD with Nero.
The information on the combo drive in my laptop is
for what that's worth.

Thanks for the advice so far, and any in the future.

J.F. Huesman

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your reply

by sunnyshahbca In reply to Burned data DVD not reada ...

you can do so by one way is to put an an simple encoder tnat check ip-address of computer or any oter unique identity field. you can contact me at

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by OnTheRopes In reply to Burned data DVD not reada ...

The link below goes to another page where somebody had the same problem with the combo drive you have. It looks that it may be a firmware issue.

I didn't look at the date of your post before replying. You've probably got it all sorted out by now.

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