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Burning a DVD

By gbengademeji ·
I am having issues burning a DVD movie, after copying from the main DVD to the clone, the clone played on my HP laptop but gives "Disk Error" when inserted in my LG home theatre.

Please what do you think i have done wrong ?

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You may not have 'finalised'the disc properly

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Burning a DVD

Not all burning software automatically 'finalises' or closes off the disc, they leave it open for more to be added as another session unless specifically told to close off.

The other common error is you may have saved and burnt the DVD as a data CD and not a movie CD - two different data streams and data headers. The PC will play both and so will some DVD players, but some DVD players will only play DVD data streams.

the third likely is if the disc is a DVD- or a DVD+ again two formats and some players don't accept both. I've a DVD player that won't play DVD- discs, only DVD+ discs, it's a real bugger when at times.

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DVD Burning

by gbengademeji In reply to You may not have 'finalis ...

Thank you for the response but please how can i perform a movie CD stream and how do i finalise the disc properly ?

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A lot will depend upon the burning software

by Deadly Ernest In reply to DVD Burning

over the years I've used a couple of different programs and each has had various setting available at different points in different ways.

As a basic, at the start of the project most will ask you to pick a type of project from a list of CD Data, CD Music, CD Image, DVD Data, DVD Movie, DVD Image - this may be done as a check box or icon selection to start the project, or as the same choices after you select the source information.

Most also have an option of "Duplicate Existing Disc."

Once you've selected everything to go on the disc and all is ready to burn the software will usually have a set of options as a new sub window or on a secondary settings page (often called Advanced) where you select 'Finalise' or chose if to 'Leave Open for More Data' or not. Some even call this Mode. In some software this is part of the window that comes up when you hit the burn button, in some it's a default part of the window.

Each software company does it in their own way, the way K3b works is a bit different to how Nero worked when I last used it as both have different interface layouts, but both have all those options in there somewhere.

The best thing is to check the burning software's help files for making a movie DVD and see what they say.

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Some software calls it "multi-session"

by NickNielsen In reply to A lot will depend upon th ...

My burning software gives me the options of single session or multi-session.

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Could you tell us the actual SW you use to burn the move?

by DadsPad In reply to Burning a DVD

Someone here may be better able to help you with the SW, if we know what it is.

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Look at the disk -- Edit:

by The Scummy One In reply to Burning a DVD

does it have any folders? If so, list the top level folders only!

Also, depending on how it was done and with what software, it may have been created for a different region than your LG player can play.

Edited to add -- maybe the LG system cannot read fom that brand of disk, or that color backing. Go with a different disk type, with a silver backing and see if it can read that

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Burning a DVD

by gbengademeji In reply to Look at the disk -- Edit:

All i just did was copy from the origin DVD and pasting on the blank DVD.

Also i just installed Nero 7 and i am having issues using it .

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Does Nero 7 have a 'Copy DVD' or 'Copy movie DVD' option -

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Burning a DVD

if so, try making the copy using that simplified wizard and set it to 'finalise' or 'close' the disc when finished - make a new copy that way and see if it works on the DVD player.

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It does, however

by The Scummy One In reply to Does Nero 7 have a 'Copy ...

it will not burn any disc with copy protection -- such as almost any movie bought these days.

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Copy Protection Issue

by The Scummy One In reply to Burning a DVD

you need a DVD decoder such as DVDFab in order to burn the DVD properly.

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