Burning CDs/DVDs?

By danpat1_2000 ·
My file is 152MB. Are there any CDs or DVDs over 80MBs? I used Roxio and it said "it burned successfully but when I played it it only went halfway through?
Under the old DOS for the A drives it used to prompt you to "insert a second disk?" Whatever happened to a technique like that.
Yet the company I buy the 152 disks from (not blanks) send them to me on 2 disks so there must be a way to do it. I tried the jukebox method which failed - see above on Roxio?

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by JackOfAllTech In reply to Burning CDs/DVDs?

The standard for CDs is 650MB, DVDs are 4GB. I would uninstall Roxio and install the free CD Burner XP Pro.

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"Lost in Translation" I think...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Burning CDs/DVDs?

"Are there any CDs or DVDs over 80MBs?

You're getting confused between megabytes and minutes. CDs come in two flavours: 700MB and 800MB. That equates to 70 minutes and 80 minutes (of Audio Sound).

DVDs are usually 4.7 Gigabytes. How much you can store on a DVD depends very much what format the data is in.

"Under the old DOS for the A drives it used to prompt you to "insert a second disk?" Whatever happened to a technique like that.

You are going WAY back in time with this query. The days of 'having to insert Disk 2' are long gone.

You say you bought 152 disks and received them on 2 disks - do you mean 2 CDs?

What format are the files on these CDs?

What are you trying to achieve by burning to CD? - I thought you already received them on CD.

What do you mean by "jukebox method"?

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Yes, You Guys Are Right-I am getting confused?

by danpat1_2000 In reply to "Lost in Translation" I t ...

All of this media stuff is perplexing. I should be clearer:

a) The Megabytes are 700; you are correct 80 is the minutes (my rushing)
b) I tried to burn to DVDs but the drive door just keeps opening; my son says I have to format them but saw nothing on that in either Roxio
c) Yes ordered a screenplay (mostly dialogue) but on the MP3 player my son said select Music and that works (even though it is not Music)
d) When I receive the product it is on 2 CDs so there must be a way to continue to a second one when a file is too large? (Then I thought maybe the company has proprietary software?)
e) The file is in MP3 format
f) I am trying to copy as many as I can of the original product
g) The jukebox method is mentioned in Roxio which said it would compress the data; however I thought it would work but when I played it back last night it truncated halfway through the playback
h) I went way back because "I am a long gone guy."
i) But other things are also confusing: When I tried to send the MP3 file via email: it said Internet Explorer can not send this format
j) I may have found the answer this morning when I read in the sex Godesses column: ITunes will allow one to burn and then prompt for a second disk; not yet sure if iTunes will do a MP3 since my son says they are in MP4 format
k) I thought of using media cards but they too can be perplexing; I ordered a minidisk but haven't got them yet; I used this device (like a jump drive) to get data from the minidisk into the computer; however when I tried to use the regular media disk it would not fit and says T-Flash on it whatever that is?
{I am going to order that program CD Burner XPro suggested by the prior post; however not clear if that will prompt for a second disk?)
(No wonder people get SNAFU'd)
[Thanks for your help so far; you guys are very knowledgeable, but I began by thinking of this as a simple problem]

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There is still an element of confusion . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Yes, You Guys Are Right-I ...

I was initially going to answer your post in the usual fashion - point by point. But it then dawned on me that that might not be necessary.

Let me get this straight.

You have a screenplay that has come on 2 CDs. The CD file(s) are in .mp3/.mp4 format.

I would suggest that, firstly, you forget about ROXIO. A program is only as easy-to-use as the programmers have made it, and you are attempting something that ROXIO can't do, and is misleading you with its daft error messages.

Please understand that a file in .mp3 OR .mp4 format is, by it's very nature, a compressed audio file. Further compression is not possible from 'outside' the file: you can compress it further but not with ROXIO. Indeed, if these files are only dialogue, there is little chance that any further compression could be efficiently applied to the files.

If I remember rightly, you are attempting to copy both CDs onto other CDs.

There are TWO ways this can be achieved:

1. You copy the entire contents of both CDs onto your harddrive, then copy back out to another TWO CDs.

2 You use a suitable program and clone the discs directly to new blank CDs.

Without knowing the exact details of the files on these CDs I cannot see any way that you will adequately achieve transferring the contents of TWO CDs onto ONE CD.

Modern music compression techniques are moving forward all the time but compression does have a finite limit. I am guessing you may be pushing back the envelope a bit too far.

If you have details of the file formats, sizes, number of files (per disc) post back and I'll try to help further.

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Burning to 2 CD/DVDs

by danpat1_2000 In reply to There is still an element ...

Thanks for all you help. I found my answer from Kim Komando first. Then the company emailed me and told me they use iTunes which allows one to use 2 or more disks (it does prompt you after analyzing your file size). I first received my files as a download and was able to work with that in iTunes. It works fine although on a replay by me last night the dialogue seemed to "garble" occasionally.
But with that other technique you sent me I will try that also. I'm surprised someone like Nero or Roxio hasn't programmed for this as it seems a natural. Or that free oe that was recommended to me.
Thanks again.

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So TR just runs a 'close second' to America's Digital Godess, eh?

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Burning to 2 CD/DVDs


Didn't realise I was talking to a member of Kim's Kids Club!

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Love it From Across the Pond

by danpat1_2000 In reply to So TR just runs a 'close ...

Have relatives living outside of Stonehenge.
My son is 20 and thinks he knows all so I told him "when you think you know it all, your going to find there is always someone smarter than you. So learn humility. I get so much info from TR yet I do not remember how I got onto it (2005) And I do copy each of the Digital Godess's hints and put them in a book. (But you know she must have a staff of 20 people--no one is that smart)
Actually it was the contractor who first told me how they were "doing 2 disks."
What's going on in Ireland? Someone told me economy is booming there because of IT?
Thanks again Dan

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It was the 'Kommando' entry that threw me...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Love it From Across the P ...

I'd never heard of the 'godess' before but from the look of her image, I'd reckon most of the 20 staff are practicing plastic surgeons!

As for IBM, my neice is working for IBM: she started after university in Greenock, Scotland. But after a number of years IBM pulled the plug and she thought her number was up, then IBM announced a relocation package for those prepared to move with them. She opted for it and now works outside Belfast in Northern Ireland.

Apparently the IBM campus continues to grow.

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