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By marbib ·
We have to do something about this. We cant let politicians take advantage of our ignorance and we cant let corporations make us their bitches.
To many politicians manipulate us and get elected solely with name recognition (Arnold and Bush). Everyone needs to weed out these a-holes and vote in some real leaders.

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Gee - Without Voters - you get the same thing

by JimHM In reply to BUSH IS IN BED WITH BIG B ...

Well - all politicans whether its GWB or AS are all in Bed with Big Business - "Follow the GOLDEN Rule - Them with the Gold makes the rules..." ....

Until 80 or 85% of the voting public comes out and votes at every election this will continue to happen. But you have those - die hard supports of a canidate no matter how bad they are will vote for them again.. Kennedy - Hillary Clinton - Willie Clinton - Gray Davis - I know you would add GWB ... but I am writing the post..

There aint squat that the little man can do - but grin and smile and take it up the A** ...

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hey marb

by kiddanger In reply to BUSH IS IN BED WITH BIG B ...

just wondering if your home is located 100 miles west of California. You're so far left you must be soaked.

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