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Bush vs Kerry breakdown by County

By jdclyde ·
Here is a site that has broken the red vs blue down by the county instead of a state by state winner take all.

What do you think when you see it broken down this way?

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I see a more realistic view of the country

by Aldanatech In reply to Bush vs Kerry breakdown b ...

To be quite honest, I really don't like the winner take all method of identifying each state. It makes the value of a vote highly dependent on where you live. Because of this, it makes a lot people from both sides (Democratic and Republican) feel that their state is not the way each of them see it individually. My vote for example, is a blue county, but in a red state.

By the way, shouldn't this discussion by at the Miscellaneous category?

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by jdclyde In reply to I see a more realistic vi ...

Sorry about the category.

First posting, so I will be more carefull next time.

I just saw the maps and thought they were something cool to share to ad some perspective to the way our country is actually broken down.

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Population density was interesting

by Oz_Media In reply to Bush vs Kerry breakdown b ...

It seems the areas with lower populations support a more aggressive stance, those that are more populated (obviously with MUCH more mixed culture than the others)are more democratic leaning.
Is this because there is more of a mixed culture and THOSE people have learned that force is not always the resolution? IN the lesser populated areas, or more 'American' populated states they see Bush asd the aggression as warranted.
Perhaps people that are around people of many nationalities are more accepting of peace on earth and less apt to jump the gun and go to war with them.

Location says it all I think, those with more exposure seem to be more accepting. It's amusing how purple New York is really, it shows that they didn't deem the need to attack Iraq as being relevant to 9/11. There are many more conclusions one can draw based on the maps too, but best left off of here as they are not too friendly.

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I have to respectfully disagree

by jdclyde In reply to Population density was in ...

At the top of the first page is a link to the 2000 election, before there was all this talk about attacking anyone.
The amount that favors Bush went up from 2000 to 2004.

I didn't make a point about that before because I am not here to push a political agenda one way or the other. Just thought it helped see just how diverse the ideals in the country really are.

It helps me rest easier that we won't have another civil war with a North vs South regional type of separation.

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