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Business Analyst

By rmr864 ·
Can anyone give advise on how to switch gears from network admin/IT manager to a business analyst.

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Business processes

by JamesRL In reply to Business Analyst

The first thing to learn is how to flow chart a business process. You can use a number of tools, from Powerpoint to Visio. I suggested getting a book on the subject - its not difficult but it requires a logical approach.

For more expertise I would look at some of the Six Sigma methodologies. Depending on what business your company is in, or your interest lies, there is six sigma for service businesses, manufacturing etc.

I would also bone up on IT Project Management. One of the key things a business analyst does in many IT organizations is gather the functional requirements for a project - the "what" the product needs to accomplish - and turn the information gathered into a usable document that a developer/architect/designer can use. There are books and courses on how to write good requirements.

Thats a good start.


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May I add...

by dafe2 In reply to Business processes

Great advice from James...along with Six Sigma some of our guys include Ben Graham. You can look at info here:

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Lucrative and stable or not?

by CloudedYoda In reply to May I add...

Hey, I have also been considering this after reading articles that hype up demands for Business Process Management (BPM).

I like doing system analysis more than software engineering. But business analysis is fairly new to me.

My question is:
From your experience, do business analysts have a stable job? Perhaps they do not switch jobs as often as software developers who always have the extra burden of re-skilling on new programming languages (or get replaced). Do you know anyone in the field who stayed on the same job for a long period of time?

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by JamesRL In reply to Lucrative and stable or n ...

Many Business Analysts I know transition into Project Leads/Managers. If they have come from development they understand the "build" cycle. From being a business analyst they come to understand the project initiation phase. Put it together and they have a good handle on much of the project management world. In smaller projects, the PMs often fo the business analysis.


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Manager or Analyst

by rmr864 In reply to transitioning

Thanks for the responses.
Here is my situation...At my old position I was the goto Network Admin and also the manager. After a 6 month layoff, I am now working solely as a call center manager and I am feeling rather bored. I am thinking of looking at switching over to a Business Analyst position. I like the idea of seeing a project through till the end.

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Check Out the IIBA

by WrightDavidW In reply to Manager or Analyst

Have a look at a new group, the International Institute of Business Analysis, at

Quick thoughts on this conversation? I have been a Business Analyst/Architect for over 20 years, with no desire to switch over to project Management. Granted, I do Project Planning, Work Breakdowns, Estimating and have the 'project lead' on various projects... but the two roles are different. BA's want the project done right, and PMs want it done on time and within budget. It is best to have two people in the different roles negotiating the trade-offs of the project 'triangle'; make one person do both for too long and it will drive them nuts trying to do it all themselves.

Last thought? Business process Maps (flowcharts) are good, but add Functional Decomp/defn, Use Cases, Conceptual Data Modelling and Business Rules start.

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Path to Business Analyst

by catherine In reply to Check Out the IIBA

I am working in software quality assurance, where there is little interaction with the end-users. How do I become a Business Analyst (gaining experience in requirements' gathering, training)? I have a job offer now, on business analysis, but their system was already developed late last year, so I was thinking the work would be quite diluted?

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Switching to Business Analyst career

by pinxs420 In reply to Business Analyst

Take a Business Analyst Certification and then get certified.

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Quick Start Guide

by Dbaltha In reply to Business Analyst

Here is a link to a source that can get you started as an Analyst. These books and business analysis (Word format download) are great sources. They can be found at -

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study the basic idea on Business analysis

by iqtiedu In reply to Business Analyst

For business analysiscareer you need to know much about the concepts of business analysis . Also should have good analytical and language skills add advantagage

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