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Business Ideas for a New Business

By zahir ·
I'm starting a new business. i have the management and technical side under control.
i need some ideas to sell my business.
some products and services i could offer.
maybe some type of contracts. i dont really have a clue what i'm going to offer. i need some help from you guy's?

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by raghu In reply to Business Ideas for a New ...

well! depends on a lot of things
-what business u r in?

-do u want to sell the equity off, if yes do u want a cash deal or
a sweep deal?
-does ur business has a potential to grow?

+ a million such questions
the most imp thing is why do u want to do such a thing?

would like to help u any way.

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Read the request!

by aholgate In reply to hello

This person wants to START a business and needs help to identify areas of profit not how can I sell my current business... People need to read and pay closer attention to what they have read. IMOO

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Agreed ! and where did you learn how to spell?

by bcgreaves In reply to Read the request!

Your comments are waaaay off the post

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Tread Gently...

by GBOB55 In reply to Agreed ! and where did yo ...

How's your Hindi, Bryan?

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by Pooksmin In reply to Business Ideas for a New ...


First of all, it's nice to see another South African on TR - I'm from SA too and I've never met another South African on this site before. Unfortunately, I'm not full of ideas but it will be interesting to see what you get back - I've also often wondered what I would offer if I owned a small business but have never managed to think of anything particularly groundbreaking. By the way, whereabouts are you? I've noticed that potential gaps in the IT services market in SA tend to depend on the area e.g. financial services companies based mainly in Johannesburg and retailers mainly in Cape Town. I hope you get some useful feedback :-)

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by zahir In reply to hi

well you the first south african i've met here also. i didnt think much south africans used this site.
i'm in durban.
were about are you?

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by Pooksmin In reply to hi

I'm in Cape Town :-)

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Other SA businesses

by chip In reply to RE

Our franchise, Computer Troubleshooters, has some consulting locations open in Randburg and Centurion. Check them out at


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IT Bussiness in SA

by KoosG In reply to hi


It looks like there are more than one/two people from SA on TR. I only read all the usefull stuff and do not take part in discussions for I am very busy. I started an A/H IT cc in 2002 and focus on sales&consultancy. It is difficult to tell, but if you advertise enough I think sales will bring you more money.

Consultancy is also good if you have enough clients.

Hope this helps

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Close and lock your doors

by SkipperUSN In reply to Business Ideas for a New ...

If you don't know what you are going to sell - or as you say - I don't really have a clue of what I'm going to offer ... close and lock your doors, before you lose you butt..

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