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By MaryWeilage Editor ·
This week's Application Developer Management e-newsletter examines business process management (BPM). What does BPM mean to you? How do you think the IT management community can help sort out the confusion about what BPM actually is? Does author Scott Withrow's arguments for moving to BPM sound compelling to your organization?

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Another repackaged concept

by sparkywonderchicken In reply to Business process manageme ...

Business rules can't be separated from data since the representation of business rules ARE data. What examples can be given of business rule that are totally independant of data? Are they are talking about classes of data eg. consumer data, employee data, plant data vs process scheduling data? It's just a semantics game used to sell software and consulting services.

Sometimes I wonder if "business intelligence" is an oxymoron.

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the gap between theory and reality

by ErickTreetops In reply to Business process manageme ...

My department is currently undergoing BPR. We are adopting ITIL to help us manage our IT services. The aim is to become more efficient by improving the way we provide IT services.

These NEW processes were developed by management and administrative staff who have little or no idea on what line staff are required to do each day. It has now come to the point that a 1-minute correction takes 2 hours when the NEW change management is followed.

There is no improvement in our Business process; there is greater inefficiency and more frustration. But now the manager is able to print out a damn fine graph that shows a lot of pretty colours.

After 20 years in IT I have yet to see a new process introduced that makes my life easier or more productive.

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