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Businesses not switching to Windows 7

By stelye ·
I read an article a couple days ago that said 60% of businesses surveyed said they had no plans to make the switch to Windows 7, and only 5% had plans to switch to it within the first 4 months. Suggested reasons were the economy putting a strain on budgets, and compatibility worries.

Microsoft's price point for Windows 7 is really quite low, relatively speaking, and compatibility issues won't be nearly what they were with the XP-to-Vista transition.

I'm curious as to what other concerns would people have. Do you guys work at places that are planning on switching, or staying with what they have?

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There still is a LOT of software that doesn't work on 7...

by jmgarvin In reply to Businesses not switching ...

And as with every MS product, you have to wait until SP1 before it's worth moving over to it.

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because businesses can't afford

by Screen Gems In reply to Businesses not switching ...

to upgrade their systems.

Microsoft as well as other hardware mfgs have continually reduced the lifespan of computer technology both hardware and software past the point of affordability.

Take cars for example, the average joe or jane consumer doesn't buy a new car every three years. The average lenght a car buyer keeps their new car is 6 years.

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Same reasons we aren't running Vista yet.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Businesses not switching ...

We have no applications that require it, yet.

We don't need any new systems, and haven't purchased any new models in the last 12 months. No new models means no lack of XP drivers.

And, like jmgarvin said, never install an MS OS until the first SP has been out for a couple of months.

We'll test W7 within the IT department after it's release to find out if there are any incompatibilities in our 'home grown' apps. I don't expect to see it on our desktops until 4Q of 2010 at the earliest.

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Why should they?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Businesses not switching ...

What's the business case, so they can manipulate their photo album without being hampered by UAC?

Low price point might be relevant for me and thee at home, with a couple of copies, justifying a 1000, plus rollout plus stuff not working.. Worse still for those who stuck with XP, as far as I'm aware the hardware requirements are pretty much as stiff as those for vista, and then there's all the old software. No way you are going to get the bean counters to sign the cheque, cost vs benefit isn't even going to start to cut it, until MS get a bit further down the
enforced obsolescence route.

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