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But, What's up with Win95 C

By supercoteto ·
In the article about directx's vulnerabilities don't says if a system with Windows 95, but this have similar characteristics with Win Nt and is compatible whit Dx 6, most the WMplayer 6.4 is downloadble in W95.

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by TheChas In reply to But, What's up with Win95 ...

If you are using a W95 system for internet access, you are at all kinds of risk.

Microsoft has stopped ALL support for W95.
Even security patches.

Your only option to maintain security is to upgrade to Windows XP.

Why XP, Windows 98 has entered the extended support phase, and will only get patches for major security issues for less than 12 more months.

With XP, you should have patch support for at least 2 years.

I recommend that you have at least 2 times the minimum system requirements before even attempting to install XP.

Alternately, switch to Linux.


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Gee, thanks for letting me know ...

by jardinier In reply to Obsolete

Hi Chas, and this is for your interest only, and is in no way intended to contradict the advice you have given.
I have Internet connection with 95 B, 98 SE, ME and XP Pro.
I do almost all my Internet work on 95 B, and since I have learned to avoid visiting adult sites, have encountered no problems whatsoever.
Whilst patches for 95 are no longer available, I presume it is more than likely that the various vulnerabilites were attended to before MS stopped supporting it.

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by TheChas In reply to Gee, thanks for letting m ...

Hi Julian, I fully agree that while M$ has stopped supporting W95, there are still many situations where it is the best option.

At work, we have numerous PCs that have W95 on them.
Most of this is because they have custom code on them that would take thousands of dollars of time just to test on a newer PC / version of Windows.

I still set up PCs with W95 if the spec's are not good enough for 98 or XP.

My comments above were strictly in relation to the peers posting.

The better your skills and security knowledge, the less of an issue it is to not have security patches installed or provided.

1 work-around would be to install a Linux box as a gateway and router / server.
That way, you are even more protected from the average hacker who goes after the easy (and larger) target of MS.


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