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Buy a new system, for yourself

By Jaqui ·
As we all know, just try to hit a local brick and mortar to get a system [ other than a Mac ] that doesn't come with NT* preloaded. [ on top of a massive amount of really bad software, the demo ware / trial ware ]

Seems to me it's actually a violation of Federal Regulations for that to be the case. There are regulations guaranteeing that WE, the consumers, have competitive products available. So I filed formal complaint against the entire Computer industry because they do not have ALL operating systems that will power the hardware available in the stores.

seems the Competition Office of the Canadian Government wants to talk with me about it now.

* NT, calling the OS for it's kernel, just as dipsticks do for GNU/Linux.

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"...just try to hit a local brick and mortar..."

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Buy a new system, for you ...

Ha! There isn't a local 'Mom and Pop' around here that I'd trust to replace a BIOS battery.

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but Palmie

by Jaqui In reply to "...just try to hit a loc ...

what about the big chain stores to buy electronics / software in?
they are worse than the small mom and pop operations in many ways.
the mom and pop shop doesn't have a "contract" to install windows on every system, so they at least sell bare metal.

the big chains sell the brand name systems, and you have no choice as to what os you get.
that is as anti-competitive as you can get.
you can even call it a monopoly creating setup.

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Looking into buying a notebook

by AnsuGisalas In reply to but Palmie

it really hit me... why would I want one that has win7?
Why not a blank? Or anything else than Win7?

Because I really don't want to start learning Win7 when I can start learning something useful instead, something that can run on a not-early-adopter machine and leave resources over for actual use...

So I'm with you.
Hey, anybody know if there are online shops selling notebook parts like there used to be with desktops... you know... for self-building?
I'd love to do that, if it's at all viable that is.

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by Jaqui In reply to Looking into buying a not ...

only one online shop I found that will do custom built laptops with your choice of OS.

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I'm not saying the big boxes are any better, service-wise,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to but Palmie

but at least they'll still be there when I need a replacement under warranty.

You may have local independent retailers that will sell you a bare box. Good luck finding one around here.

Is it a monopoly when my car comes with an engine? Sure, there may be better ones available, but try to tell the car salesman you're going to install your own engine, you'd like to buy a car without one, and you expect to pay less because it isn't in there.

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not the same thing at all Palmie

by Jaqui In reply to I'm not saying the big bo ...

you can go to a different car dealer and get a "better engine"

you can't get a different os from computer retailers.

when there are only automotive dealers telling you that you can only have a 3 cylinder diesel instead of letting you pick the 8 cylinder high performance engine, then you can start to compare the two.

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Sure you can.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to not the same thing at all ...
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I'll have

by NexS In reply to Sure you can.

No cursewords in my classroom, thank you very much.

Ha! Joking!

Or am I?

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not the same at all

by Jaqui In reply to Sure you can.

the "pc" is aka the EISA systems and the Mac is not an EISA system.

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Drinking the Kool-Aid again?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to not the same at all

Despite what their ads may say, Apple makes personal computers. If you're going to limit this to EISA or "WIntel" systems, you should have said so up front.

Regardless, there's no one in this area that will sell you a 'bare metal' box with no OS. I'm sure the situation is different in larger cities or where the customer base is more computer literate.

Regarding your point about competitive products not being available - they are. You may have to take to the on-line shops to get a bare metal system, but they're certainly available. As some one else noted, Linux is both free and readily available. If consumers want to buy something else, that's their choice. It's not a retailer's job to educate them on the available alternatives.

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