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    Buy Camcorder How What Where How Much??


    by bjewel ·

    Camcorders What To Buy ???
    Camcorders What To Buy ???
    Where to buy?
    How Much ?
    Best Deals?
    Any ADVICE ?

    What Software & Why??

    I am looking for a camcorder
    I want to be able to do everything with it.
    Upload download to pc.
    Still shots
    Night shots
    Picture Capture
    I cant afford thousands of dollars
    but a few hundred.
    The range of products & companies out there is huge
    Choices are difficult.
    I am looking for a way to earn a living
    & am teaching myself everything
    with no help from anyone
    so my dilemma is:
    Dont want to make a huge mistake buying something
    that isnt going to last a long time,
    be up to date,
    be PC compatible
    Night shot
    8, Hi 8, VHS ???
    So far it seems like the Hi 8
    could be what Ineed
    But where to get the best deals??
    Any body have any working knowledge using a cam to make an income??
    Does anyone have any suggestions where to go or Look for help on these subjects?
    Any help or suggestions will be really appreciated
    All opinions will be considered

    Thank you Everyone…
    Seasons Greetings to You One & All…

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      Buying Camcorder

      by chrisms ·

      In reply to Buy Camcorder How What Where How Much??

      BJewel, it sounds like u know what u require from a camcorder and u know your budget. The only way to find something is to do some footwork at the wekend and hit the local stores. Go to your local PC store and ask to see their what they have, theyshould be able to provide demo’s of how it all works. If you buy on someone elses advice, you could get something to expensive or doesn’t do what you wwant.
      Thats how I buy things, hope you find what u r looking for!!
      all the best

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      Don’t get Hi 8!

      by epepke ·

      In reply to Buy Camcorder How What Where How Much??

      Digital 8 is the only way to go, with FireWire. Of course, your machine has to have FireWire, too.

      I bought a Hi 8 several years ago, when it seemed like a good idea. It never really took off and was rapidly superseded by digital tape.

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