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Buy Mac & Bye Bye PC?

By MinJB ·
After working in IT for 10 years, the only thing I can see Windows being good for is job security. I have spent most of my career in an all Windows environment. However, working at a publishing company that has Macs and PCs, I am starting to question my Windows loyalty. After seeing PowerMac G4s and G5s in action with OS X, I have to admit that I am thoroughly surprised at its stability and ease of use. Also, the aesthetics of Mac are simply outstanding, (e.g. iPod, iMac, and Mac Mini.) I guess this is a last ditch attempt to be convinced about the Windows platform. Should I maintain my Windows loyalty or shall I become a star in Steve Job's next Mac convert commercial? What say you all?

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by BFilmFan In reply to Buy Mac & Bye Bye PC?

My advice would to compare the potential opportunities utilizing Macs and opportunities revolving around Windows.

As you said, I've never known anyone that was good with either system to be permanently unemployed.

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by Dennis.Rhine In reply to Buy Mac & Bye Bye PC?

Become proficient in both. Macs are, without a doubt, more stable but there aren't nearly as many in service either. I try not be an absolute fanatic of any OS but rather to learn how to support multiple platforms. Keeps me in a job:)

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by glyall In reply to Buy Mac & Bye Bye PC?

if you are into graphics publiching than Mac
Adobe products do work better on Macs
Mac is a good spin off of the old Unix
Windows is a bad spin off of Unix
Both have there roots there in Unix

good luck

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by Jaqui In reply to Buy Mac & Bye Bye PC?

as has been said, learning about all os, and as many apps as possible is a good thing for employment.

what you use yourself is always your own choice.

free bsd based macosx isn't bad.
ms's corrupted unix system ( all NT based versions )
needs a huge amount of work.

I personally wouldn't go with mac for only one reason.
the proprietary hardware issues.
never mind the glaring design fault of using the control key and the meta key to get the click options of a three button mouse on a system coming with a one button mouse.

(the mouse is meant to remove keystrokes, not to require them for basic functionality )

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by wlbowers In reply to Buy Mac & Bye Bye PC?

Take the Mac and run. There is no comparision.

Now before the sharks come out. I have serviced macs and windows machines since 1988.

If I had to make my living on my mac customers I would be driving a cab.


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