Buy new Key (or use old one) for workng (but not genuine) copy of XP Pro?

By mosquito.hunter ·
I'm a tech newbie could use a little help from you experts out there - here's my sad story...

I bought a new Toshiba laptop with Vista preinstalled. I had lots of driver problems with some older equipment, so bought a XP Pro CD with OEM key, sticker, etc. off of iOffer.

It installed after a bit of trouble (yeeeeee haw!) but it started giving me "not genuine copy of XP" pop ups after a few days.

I called MS, who said that the key I had on the sticker was an expired volume license, and was invalid. So, I'm stuck with a working, but invalid copy of XP.

So, can I:
1. buy a valid (OEM?) product key somewhere
2. use the Windows XP Pro key off of the sticker from a broken Dell laptop motherboard?

I think I can change the key using the program on:
I think I just need a legal key.

Many thanks to the tech dieties!

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by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Buy new Key (or use old o ...

1. You can only puchase an OEM key when you purchase OEM equipment, the key is only good for use on the equipment purchased, and that's only if there are any OEM licenses still for sale anywhere (buyer be aware). You can not purchase just the key.

2. The sticker from the broken DELL belongs with that machine. It was issued by MS to go with a certain model of DELL. If you try to apply it to a non-DELL machine, it won't validate.


Your only hope right now is to call Toshiba and see if they will sell you a licensed copy of XP as a downgrade from Vista.

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an OEM key

by The Scummy One In reply to Buy new Key (or use old o ...

is set for a specific computer model and are non-transferable. Your best bet is to purchase a new copy of XP and use the license from that.
I have not heard of problems with OEM licenses from, however, you may need to by a motherboard at the same time (tied together). Or you can purchase a new copy of XP (non-OEM)

Also, you can contact the notebook vendor to see if you can get an XP license through them for it, or contact Microsoft for a downgrade license (although the offer may be over now).

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New Key

by Jay217 In reply to Buy new Key (or use old o ...

Just a few notes...

1st: Even if you buy a new OEM key then you will have to reinstall windows anyway. You wont be able to activate a volume licensed copy of windows with an OEM key. That program may be able to force change the key, but you may run into other strange problems if you do that.

2nd: are you sure your Toshiba is downgradeable..? Some manufacturers didn't bother to make drivers for hardware being packaged with vista only.

3rd: You may have voided your warranty with Toshiba by installing winxp. Specially if XP isn't supported on the system. If so you will need to restore it to factory settings before they will help you.

4th: If your devices already don't work with Vista, then they probably wont work with Windows 7... It may be time to upgrade it and move on. Have you tried looking for vista drivers for the equipment or any other updates?

food for thought...

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Key for XP

by sunfish In reply to Buy new Key (or use old o ...

Try ArezView from ArezSoft's file called viewkey.exe. That and a friend's PC should get you a working key, long enough to address the problem further, or just search for viewkey on Google.

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You definitely need to get a new product key,

by ComputerCookie In reply to Buy new Key (or use old o ...

as ThumbsUp suggested it might be cheaper to purchase a downgrade from Toshiba.

Wherever you purchase it from you shouldn't need to reinstall if you use the Windows Product Key Update Tool

I've used this to change volume & special licences and to other special licences which Magic Jellybean can't handle.

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Keyfinder will not work here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Buy new Key (or use old o ...

The reason being it can only change product Keys for the same version of XP. Here you say you have a Volume License Copy that you purchased and the Product Key from the Broken Dell will be for a OEM Copy of XP so you are not able to use a OEM Product Key on a Volume License Product.

You'll require either a New Valid Volume License Product Key or another Copy of XP with a COA on the Outside of the Packing.

if you got a M$ Made COA with the Alleged Expired Volume License Product you can ring M$ and request a New Product Key but you need to read the Code off the inner ring of the Install Disc and this Must Be Made by M$ not a copy.

If you have to reinstall XP with a different version you can Slipstream the required Drivers to the Install Disc that you make with nLite available for free download here

jsut do not forget to read the directions on their web site here for this application

OH if you do nothing after 30 days the Product will fail to Boot you will get a Screen telling you that this is not a Genuine Copy of XP and the only way around this is to reinstall the OS.


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