Buy XP Again?

By rock316 ·
I have a friend and his hard drive is dying. I was wondering since he bought the computer with XP preinstalled (He has the restore disks). Can I install a new drive and use the restore disks to install or do he have to buy XP again?

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by mjd420nova In reply to Buy XP Again?

You should be able to install the new drive and boot to the restore disks and install the OS.

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Provided it's only the HDD that replaced

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Buy XP Again?

It will not be a problem. You may even be able to clone the HDD before it dies and save yourself quite a lot of time & effort.

But one thing that you need to be aware of is that with old hardware there are size limits imposed by BIOS on HDD's so if you are thinking of replacing a 10 GIG drive with a 3000 GIG drive it most likely will not work. You'll have to check the upper BIOS imposed limits before you purchase a replacement drive.

If you are getting a SMART warning of Imminent Drive Failure I would shut down now and not use the system till you have a replacement drive available that is recognised by BIOS and then just use a cloning utility to clone the drive across. That way you'll retain all of the loaded software & Data without the need to reactivate.

Of course if the drive is infected none of this applies and you'll need to perform a clean install onto a blank HDD. With XP OEM product once 3 items have been changed you need to reactivate so if it's just a faulty HDD there will be no problems if you stick to the above advice. If you go about changing more you'll need to reactivate by speaking to a person at MS activation centre as the On-line Activation will be refused.

This is taking it as read that you're friend is using an OEM copy of XP and not a Volume License version that are sometimes supplied by he likes of HP with every system that they sell. If it's a Volume License copy there is no activation required.


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