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Buying a computer - help!

By lazablah ·
I'm trying to get advice on what kind of computer to buy for a small business (start up) - there are only 4 of us working here and none of us are computer experts.. Basically 2 of us wrk in 1 office and 2 in another. to begin with we just want 'puters for 2 of us as we all have laptops - would it be best to get a server with 2 desktops/monitors so that when we move premises (in the next 3 months) we can all work off it or are we better going for networking? And with the server will be able to log in over the net from different locations? Im looking for any suggestions as to spec, brand anything. My only options seems to be buying online and its all a bit double dutch?we?re based in Ireland whether that has anything to do with what I need to get?? Any info would be very much appreciated! Thanks

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Buying a computer - help!

Well for only 2 Desktops and 4 NB's you hardly need a Server right at the moment but you will need some form of Networking if only to send/receive e-mails and transfer files between workstations to cut down the cost of e-mailing them to each other.

You'll also be able to share the one Internet connection provided it's not a Dial up connection as that will just not be fast enough but if you want a temp Internet connection an ADSL will suit the job quite nicely and some form of Cable if you need more speed.

As for the actual machines I would recommend that you go to a specialist Computer Builder and avoid the Big Boys who will sell you complete rubbish for a price that looks good but will not perform as required. While I do prefer Intel CPU's & Chip Set M'Boards for business that's a personal decision just biased on reliability rather than anything else. However you'll need at least 512 MEG of RAM 1 GIG would be better and if you are looking at Windows XP you'll need the Pro version as it allows far more concurrent connections than the Home version and it can be added to a Domain latter if required which Home can not be.

As to the specs you'll need to look at the type of work you want to do and work from there I would also suggest that at this stage you consider printers as you can share these on a network so reduce your initial costs but avoid the All in one types as they offer the worst of everything unless of course you are looking at a photocopier like the Canon Image Runner 3100 that is a different story and is cheaper per page to use.

But if you are just looking for a conventional printer you'll need to look at exactly what you require a Black & White Laser, Color Laser or ink jet printer. If it's an Ink Jet go for one of the ones with separate ink tanks as that way it works out far cheaper per page to use as you'll only need to replace the used color not the entire set.


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