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    buying a refurbished 10″ tablet pc

    by thailend1935 ·

    I’m looking to buy a refurbished,name brand tablet pc. I just read that Apple has dropped its tablet PC cost to $250. As an Android user(I have Samsung products and well-satisfied!) how will the rest of the market change in prices due to Apple’s move?

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      Reply To: buying a refurbished 10″ tablet pc

      by birdmantd ·

      In reply to buying a refurbished 10″ tablet pc

      I own a Samsung Tab S7+ and my mom uses an iPad 8th generation. While both tablets act much like a desktop or laptop computer, some applications do not run well on either device. I know that Microsoft sells the Surface, but I don’t have any experience with that device.

      Bottom line, some internet sites don’t work well with tablets like they do with regular computers, especially banking sites. Just be aware of the potential limitations and have a backup computer.

      I don’t see a radical price change for the other manufacturers as guaranteed. I stick with what I know and don’t speculate about such things like this. It’s not much different with cellular phones.

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      For me, Apple lost me a few years ago.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to buying a refurbished 10″ tablet pc

      I had an iPhone 5 and 6 and Apple couldn’t help me remove them from my Apple ID. I had forgotten the answer to the 3 questions but had all the other answers.

      So the iPhones had to go to spare parts rather than being resold. If I had created a new account then I would lose apps I had bought on my account.

      Sorry Apple, I’m out of here.

      I’m not the only one:

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      Reply To: buying a refurbished 10″ tablet pc

      by akhiyanijaip ·

      In reply to buying a refurbished 10″ tablet pc

      It’s possible that Apple’s move to drop the price of its tablet PC may have an impact on the prices of other tablet brands in the market, although it’s hard to predict exactly how significant this impact will be.

      If Apple’s price drop is successful in attracting more customers, other brands may feel the need to adjust their prices to remain competitive. This could lead to a general trend of lower prices across the tablet market, which would be good news for consumers looking to purchase a tablet PC.

      However, it’s also possible that other brands may choose not to lower their prices and instead focus on differentiating their products based on features or performance. In this case, the impact of Apple’s price drop may be more limited.

      It’s worth noting that the tablet market is quite diverse, with a range of brands and products catering to different needs and price points. It’s always a good idea to research and compare different options before making a purchase to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money, regardless of any market-wide price changes.


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      Reply To: buying a refurbished 10″ tablet pc

      by oliviadevid143 ·

      In reply to buying a refurbished 10″ tablet pc

      Hi Thailend,

      It’s always interesting to see how the market reacts when a major player like Apple makes a pricing move. However, it’s difficult to predict with certainty how other tablet manufacturers will respond to Apple dropping the price of their tablet PCs to $250.

      It’s possible that other companies may feel pressured to lower their own prices in order to stay competitive, especially if they are targeting a similar market segment as Apple. On the other hand, some manufacturers may choose to maintain their current pricing strategy and focus on offering unique features and capabilities that differentiate their products from Apple’s.

      If you’re happy with your current Samsung products and prefer the Android operating system, you may want to consider looking at refurbished Samsung tablet PCs or other Android-based options.

      These may offer comparable or even better features than the iPad at a similar price point. Ultimately, it’s important to do your research and choose a device that meets your specific needs and preferences, regardless of brand or pricing changes in the market.


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