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Buying vs Building a Remote Access Solution

By fred.hammond ·
Where can I find articles, white papers, etc. which discuss the different things a company should look at when determining whether it makes sense to buy a managed SSL VPN service for remote access versus building an in-house solution?

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Well, those that sell it

by CG IT In reply to Buying vs Building a Remo ...

Most of the white papers on VPN come from the vendors that sell the hardware and software for VPN. Whether those white papers are unbiased is another story. Usually the network admin [who knows what they are doing] can wade through the hype.

Your question is akin to building your own server vs buying one from the Big 4. Most companies want to buy from the big 4 or lease it. They don't have to have a IT department wit people who know hardware and the O/S [OEM installed O/S] . If hardware on a server or workstation takes a dump they call Dell or HP service to take care of the problem.

Same with VPN. Symantec has hardware and software, Cisco, other companies do and so does Microsoft [with RRAS]. Using RRAS, you've got to have someone who knows how it works. With say symantec, you call them when it doesn't [or visit their web site FAQ or call their tech support in Bumtulle Anartica or Atlantis.

I dunno ::shrugs::: if it was me, I would rather have someone who knew how it worked and could fix it. Same principle with copies. Copier breaks and someone has to call to the field tech, who shows up a day or 2 later mean while ole Joe the computer nut could probably fix it but if he touches it that voids the warranty and service agreement.

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Here is one

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to Buying vs Building a Remo ...

You may also want to consider services such as gotomypc corporate, although it is not a VPN. It does, however, provide secure access.

Good luck.

Craig Herberg

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