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    buzzing noise


    by asegalwehman ·

    My Toshiba laptop is also buzzing. First the floppy drive wouldn’t read and made shreiking noise, but the computer’s hard drive worked fine. After that session and shutting down and starting up the entire laptop is now buzzing, plus I had some hesitation issues. I deleted some spyware and the software end of things seem fine, but the buzzing noise is still there, but not as loud. Can it only mean the hard drive is dying? The mileage on this computer seems low for the drive to be dying.

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      by dmiles ·

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      If the drive is making a noise this may be a early warning,so backup files before the drive does crash.

      The computer may have low mileage,but the drive comes from a different manufacturer,so drives last longer than others

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      by willcomp ·

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      Even the best hard drives fail. Could be hard drive, buzzing noise is hard to define.

      Also could be power supply. They may buzz or hum when starting to fail.

      Like first response said, backup data.


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