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What I like and dislike about the new TR site

By jdclyde ·
Just started to look around and right off the bat see a few things I like and something I HATE.

First, the active post that you are reading is MUCH easier to find. How many times have you opened a link from your subscription in a 200 pluss discussion and then want to see what that person was replying to? Was a bit of a pain to find, but now it is BOLD and DARK Black.

What do I absolutely HATE? The posts that you have read do not show up differently than the ones you have not, so it is hard to tell which you have read and which you have not. Hatehatehate this BUG.

A dislike is the "NEW" is too close to the color of the posts, so they don't show up very well.

Both of these changes will make discussions less appealing, as it greatly hinders the ability to follow along and stay up.

General feel seems nice. Wonder about the large font and avitar size in the contact lists thought. Seems like making that a little smaller would allow you to see more at a time.

I also wonder about the pushing of "TAGS" over discussions so much. Why?

The pages SEEM to be loading well, but late on a sunday night, the server probably isn't under a lot of strain, huh?

What does everyone else think so far?

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seems like discussions are not very important?

by jdclyde In reply to [b]What I like and dislik ...

Looking around the site, it seems like the discussion community is being downplayed greatly.

Is this the case, or am I just experiencing "growing pains" to the new layout?

The choice of fonts and colors makes the pages listing the discussions hard to read and harder to follow.

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another "not like"

by setantapc In reply to [b]seems like discussions ...

I am having a hard time finding discussions, in that it used to be mapped out under general topics, and conversations thereunder...

miscellaneous, friday yuk

this doesn't seem to be quite as user friendly.

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Discussions by Category

by TechExec2 In reply to another "not like"

There is still a breakout of discussions by category on the Browse tab of the Forums page. When you drill down into a category (e.g. Windows, Networking, etc), the discussions are listed in reverse chronological order of when the discussion was started.

Note: "Miscellaneous" has been renamed to "Off Topic".

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discussion tree

by apotheon In reply to Discussions by Category

Two things that have been discarded with the new design that I'd like to see brought back:

1. Please differentiate discussion posts that have already been read from those that have not (I'm guessing this would have something to do with an a:visited CSS property). Without that, it will be far more difficult to keep track of what we have or have not seen in a discussion, which will in turn be a disincentive for those of us who use the dicussion forum to come to TR.

2. I'd like to see the asterisks by the word "NEW" reappear, or something similarly unique on the page. Something I habitually use for discussion navigation here is the search bar in Firefox, with *new* as the search term, so that I can jump forward and backward through the list of recent posts. Now that there aren't any asterisks around the word "NEW", that doesn't work any longer, which makes keeping up with new material somewhat more of a hassle.

Otherwise, I quite like the new design. If only the max discussion depth had been increased, and the above two introduced problems were fixed, it'd be about perfect.

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I think you're right, not just "growing pains".

by Absolutely In reply to [b]seems like discussions ...

Where are "My Discussions"? It's now less convenient to find discussions in which I have recently posted without subscribing.

Verdict: HATE!

Other dislikes:
1) baby blue color scheme with alternating message titles in white/baby blue, but max message level limitation still not fixed

2) commercials more important than messages?
How about moving the commercials and other page clutter from the right side of this page to the emails that notify us of new posts to our subscribed threads? Then at least the max message level could be a bit greater, and less limiting, if you can't eliminate the limitation. I promise, I'll still follow the links - to the advertisers selling something I want!

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re: advertising

by apotheon In reply to I think you're right, not ...

I don't think their business model would survive removing the advertisement column from the discussion pages, and that column is also used for stuff I would like to keep handy anyway. For instance, I love the new Recommended/Contacts/Updates block. That's an excellent use of space.

I do agree that additional width, in part to increase the "max depth" level, would be good. I think the best way to get that, though, is to either remove the thin floating "Hot Spot" bar on the right-hand side or somehow integrate it with the width of the rest of the page content. Maybe a narrow horizontal band across the top somewhere, if it absolutely must be prominent and present. If not, just chuck the damned thing. Getting it out of the width of the page would allow the main content area to be widened and, where it is now, I just ignore the thing anyway.

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re: re: advertising

by jdclyde In reply to re: advertising

One thing that is nice that they fixed was the way the page would load. You would get content and then at the last second everything would shift to make room for the ads. Was VERY annoying.

I don't mind the ads, provided they load quickly. Some of the very animated ones always make me go "hmmmmmm".

The "Hot Spot" bar has up to this day never had anything in it I have cared about, so it has always been a complete waste of space to me (but if it generates lots of revenue, it doesn't really bother me).

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Good point.

by Absolutely In reply to [b]re: re: advertising[/b ...

Everything stays put. I didn't remember how annoying that was until you mentioned it. How appropriate.

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I do like the

by zlitocook In reply to [b]re: re: advertising[/b ...

New site but yes the ads, should be in the side bar not how to and other things. And when some of the ads load it will do a screen refresh. It reloads the whole page quite annoying.

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Discussions? What discussions?

by Too Old For IT In reply to [b]seems like discussions ...

No discussions button, no way to find the discussions I was involved with.


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