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    bypass password


    by princeaddict74 ·

    hi there. i got a free computer at a yard sale and it says i need a has the user name already filled in, but i cant get into the system. its windows 2001 professional. i have no way of getting the password – can anyone help? do i have to buy new hard drive?

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      by princeaddict74 ·

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      Best bet…

      by jellimonsta ·

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      Do you have an install CD for the OS? You laptop most likely came with an OEM license for the OS. you should note that from # the bottom of the laptop, and insert the CD and restart your laptop to reinstall the OS.
      If it was a free laptop, it most likely has OEM Windows 98 or ME. The owners of the laptop should have wiped the OS prior to giving the system away.

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      Offline password editor might recover/reset the password.

      by sdrucker ·

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      Otherwise, you will probably need to reinstall the operating system.

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      You need to install the OS after wiping the HDD

      by oh smeg ·

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      +Use Boot & Nuke to wipe the HDD so that you do not run the risk of getting a call from the Police for Identy Thieft

      Then with the System Makers Recovery Disc you can install the OS to a Factory Fresh Install with all the software that came with the Computer New.

      If you do not have the Recovery Disc you can buy this from the System Maker for a few $. You can ring up the System Maker and order a Replacement Recovery Disc and when it arrives you can then proceed to install the OS.

      If you want to have a try with Linux you can first wipe the HDD and then you can use something like Ubuntu available free from here

      That will give you some idea of how the real world uses computers.


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