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Bypass Windows XP Administrator Pswd

I have WinXP Pro @ home. I set up a login pswd which now does not work. Even if I boot up in safe mode it comes to the Windows login screen and
asks for the Administrator pswd. Leaving the pswd field blank won't work and the pswd clue can't help me to remember. I cannot survive without my laptop. Believe me I've tried every suggestion but I know there is a logical solution.

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by CG IT In reply to Bypass Windows XP Adminis ...

here's a link to a linux boot tool that will reset the passwords.

I do caution that in doing this, encrypted files are lost for good. Something some of the guys who create these tools fail to mention.

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by WarrTech78 In reply to Bypass Windows XP Adminis ...

Not sure if this works in Pro, but with Win XP home you can boot into safe mode and at the command prompt reset your password.

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by RCOM In reply to Bypass Windows XP Adminis ...

Are you saying you forgot the password you've been using every time that the laptop booted?

Or did this just suddenly happen?

If you didn't make chnges and the original password that you use no longer works there may be a virus/trojan.

I'm sure you've tried but I have to ask, is the caplocks key on or if numbers are used in the password is the numlock key off?

Did you try the login name "Administrator" with a blank password? If this is a OEM computer that came pre-loaded the login my be simply "user" with no password.

The link below is to a site that has various tools for recovering the password.

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