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Bypassing Exchange 2000 Login

By cli ·
We're currently running a pure Windows 2000 domain. We have an employee website on our web server, and we would like to put a link to the exchange 2000 web access. Here's the problem:

The user already has to log into the employee website using basic NTFS security. When they click on the link to the exchange 2000 web access, they have to re-enter name and password. How can I eliminate this second login. We still want the user to be prompted for a login when accessing the exchange site directly, but not from the link on the employee site.

Bear in mind, the exchange website is hosted on the Exchange server, while the employee website is hosted on the web server, both running IIS 5.0 Do I need to put both web applications on the same server?

Thanks for any help,

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Bypassing Exchange 2000 Login

by globalwebmarket In reply to Bypassing Exchange 2000 L ...

I do have a couple of questions for you.
First, this "employee website", is this an Internet site or an Intranet/ Extranet site?
Is this your company's showcase to the world and then they can enter a restricted area using NT Challenge, that allows access to your network resources? Or is this an Intranet site for use while at work that allows for network resources while off-site? Secondly, Do you use different sub-domain listings for you "employee website" vs. Internet (everyone in the world has access to); are they set up with different IP's.

Take this into consideration, how secure is your "employee website?" (answer yourself honestly) does your company database sensitive information (like a law firm, etc...)?

What you ask for can be accomplished with ASP/XML scripting, but I do not recommend it. If you would like further explanation; contact me directly with the information. I wouldn't answer those questions specifically on any forum, but I would be happy to answer them for you person to person.

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