bypassing goback

By dadamski ·
i am having problems with norton goback on my computer, each time i boot it starts to run the goback screen then just gos to a black screen which says goback error press any button to reboot, which when i do takes me back again to the same screen. what im looking to find out is , is there any way when i boot the computer that i can bypass goback starting at all , cos at the moment i cant get past this and into windows.

can anyone help me??

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It sounds as if Go Back has been damaged

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to bypassing goback

You'll need to start the unit in Safe Mode Press the F8 Key after the POST screen and before the Windows Splash screen and chose Safe Mode.

Once you have safe Mode started you should be able to enter the programs that run on start and disable Go Back. The correct instructions to do this should be listed here

Though you may have to do a bit of digging.

You could also attempt to bring up the Task Manager and if you can open that end the Go Back Process under the Processes Tab. If you can get Task Manager open that should allow you to kill off Go Back and then allow you into Windows so you can remove Go Back from the start Menu or repair it as required.


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