Bypassing Group Policy

By mcoe_csc ·
My students have figured out that you can bypass group policy by logging in once then loggin out, remove the network cable, login and when it says cant find roaming profile put the cable back in and click ok. All policys no longer work!! I have tried making there profiles Manadatory and makeing them Super Manadatory. What else can I do to prevent them from getting past the security settings. Stop windows from making temp user profiles??.

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Same here!

by tech In reply to Bypassing Group Policy

Yep, seems to be happening a lot. I have noticed that a lot of our students figured out a way to bypass the polcies. Still haven't found a solution, however, I heard of this program that when you open Internet Explorer and it finds that it's not connected to the network via the policies, it will automatically log them out or something of the sort.

I dunno yet, I have to look it up!


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by Fred123456 In reply to Bypassing Group Policy

Ack, I have to look in to this here, but I have to assume this only affects roaming profiles.

But couldn't you write a script that runs on each PC at startup and loops checking to see if the GP is applied and if not run gpupdate?

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Try This

by Jacky Howe In reply to Bypassing Group Policy

GPO Computer Configuration, Administrative Templates, System, User Profiles

Log users off when roaming profile fails.

Logs a user off automatically when the system cannot load the user's roaming user profile.

This setting is used when the system cannot find the roaming user profile or the profile contains errors which prevent it from loading correctly.

If you disable this setting or do not configure it, when the roaming profile fails, the system loads a local copy of the roaming user profile, if one is available. Otherwise, the system loads the default user profile (stored in %Systemroot%\Documents and Settings\Default User).

Also, see the "Delete cached copies of roaming profiles" setting.

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