Bypassing password on hard drive

By jacro07 ·
I have installed a hard drive on my laptop. It has a password on it I am unable to access the drive how do I get around this. My c: drive is almost full I need the space.

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Say what?

by zlitocook In reply to Bypassing password on har ...

You put a new hard drive on your laptop? And your old hard drive is close to being maxed out, so if you removed your old hard drive how are you supposed to access it? The password has to be in the bios, how did you get into it before you replaced the drive?
You need to put the old drive back in and back up the data you need, then reinstall the O/S and put the backed up data back.
But if the new drive has a password on it then you have bought a used drive and you need to format it and do a clean install.

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I am puzzled

by Kiltie In reply to Bypassing password on har ...

Just like Zlito here, good try mf, but we need more info.

Hard drives don't have passwords, as far as I am aware. File, Folders, Operating Systems, User accounts, BIOSs do, but not Hard drives.

So please explain in a bit more detail what your problem is, maybe we can help you then.

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Harddrives do have passwords.

by me_n_lys In reply to I am puzzled

Anything that can hold information can have a password lock. Check out Dell latitude cpi c600 and so on. If you go in the bios it'll have an option for ** Hard Disk Password ** and it'll say if its enabled or disabled. If its enabled you have to enter a password to even get to the bios so...

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