bypassing the hotspo login page

By adepetu2000 ·
Hi guys, pls i will like to know how to bypass a mikrotik hotspot login page.. I understand a little about the technology.. the Radius server authentification and the redirection to the gateway bla bla bla.. my question is i need more clues to bypassing the login page..

I presently manage an ISP, and someone not registered is always on my network.. Using the network for free.. Pls guys i need yourt help. I really want to know how he byepass it then i can improvoe on my security also.

my email adress is

I await your response and assistance.

Engr Emmanuel

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You don't really expect us to believe...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to bypassing the hotspo logi ...

that you manage an ISP???????

You can't spell, you don't have sense enough not to post your email address on a public site???

Crack me up. Might have to come back with 'the link'.

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Yes, i dont expect you guys to believe that i manage an ISP

by adepetu2000 In reply to You don't really expect u ...

Hi, i actually made some typing errors.. ACCEPTED.. But i expect you to know that.. I really need to know how this is done.. Right now, i notice two people on my network.. Using registered clients ID and Pass.

If you really know how these is done, Pls let me know as i will greatly appreciate it.


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by OldER Mycroft In reply to bypassing the hotspo logi ...

User about to drown in a tsunami of spam!

Dream on.

...just checked - How come you've got a if you're in Nigeria ????


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by jdclyde In reply to "hotspo"+"authentificatio ...

all the scum going to **** in a handbasket an only DREAM of being in the uk.....

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Whats the spam thing all about?

by adepetu2000 In reply to "hotspo"+"authentificatio ...

That was very rude.. and shows some level of Irresponsibility. so does it mean that because i live in Nigeria i should not have a For you information, I was a lecturer at the eastwood university in UK. before i retired back to Nigeria. So mind what you say to people you dont know. respect matters alot in all you do.

If you dont have an answer to my Question, then say you dont know.

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by adepetu2000 In reply to Ok, can't resist...

sorry i didnt fall prey to that link... IT was scanned before i visited it.. I found out it was a flash page.. assuming there where usefull infos there, it wount be in flash format..

so pls try harder next time

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This is Urgent

by adepetu2000 In reply to bypassing the hotspo logi ...

Guys, i really need to know how this is done. My nerwork is going down as a result of people Bypassing my seceurity..

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Look - it's taken you over 7 weeks to respond to our posts ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to This is Urgent

Now, even in the mind of an old duffer like me, THAT doesn't sound particularly urgent. Your network should be over-run in 7 weeks if the situation was urgent.

From the standpoint of TechRepublic, we find ourselves inundated on an almost daily basis with inquiries regarding security and how to break it. BIOS passwords, BOOT passwords, ADMIN passwords, HARD-DRIVE passwords, NETWORK logins, how to crack this, how to crack that, you name it, we get it.

Unfortunately for you, in almost every case it comes from your section of the planet or somewhere in the rapidly developing technically-aware far-east.

THAT is why we tend to view your request with suspicion. You posted like one of the usual characters who work around the obvious how-to-crack routine by claiming to need information on how to beef-up a security system by, guess what, understanding how-to-crack it first.

I suggest you employ a professional consultant to tell you what you need. After all, you are in the business to make money.


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