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By bluenose5709 ·
I am repairing an old machine for a friend of mine and have corrected many of the issues that were existant, However i still have an issue with the C:

When in the Explorer window i see the tree on the left and the detail on the right, if i select the c: on the tree tehn all is well and the contents are displayed,

If however i select the C: in the detail window then i am confronted with a browse dialog and the error message "Windows cannot find setup.exe, this program is needed for opening files of type File"

I have checked my file associations and the local disk along with my documents and the likes are all set to open with Explorer.

I am reluctant to rebuild the machine with a fresh load of windows for two reasons:

1. There is personal data on the machine that my friend would liek to keep along with other programs.

2. It has annoyed me now that i cannot solve the problem so do not wish to give in to a re-build as i will then never know what caused it or how to resolve it in the unlikely event that i come across the same issue again in the future.

The machine has a 466Mhz Processor with 64MB RAM and running Windows 98

I appreciate any help that anyone can give me on this very annoying issue.


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by Dragon Emperor In reply to C:\ access

Most likely it is an issue with your registry. All the extensions and associations (which there are more of than appear in File Associations) are in there. Unless you are comfortable digging into the registry I would suggestion downloading a trial of a registry inspector/doctor to try and resolve the issue.

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by bluenose5709 In reply to

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by Craig321 In reply to C:\ access

See if this helps. When you Explore the C Drive, in the actual C folder on the right, do you have a file called autorun.inf?

It may be hidden, so go to Tools | Options. View tab. Select Show hidden files and folders, apply and OK.

Is it there now? If so, just delete it to the Recycle bin, but don't delete it, just leave it in there.

Close Explorer, reopen, and see if that helps.

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by bluenose5709 In reply to

You recomendation worked 100% thankyou.

Could you please give me some indication as how this occured and what would have put the autorun.inf on my C

Best Regards

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by entawanabi In reply to C:\ access


the most likely culprit is a unrefreshed auto-execute deep in the bowels of the thing that has finally faded away; the second option is that all the booted copies of dos or something else are used up and gonesee if it is possible to load an active copy of DOS or whatever operating system was used for the c drive and then transfer all the stuff to a ew computer as this one is worn out.

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by bluenose5709 In reply to

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by bluenose5709 In reply to C:\ access

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