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By pramod.raj786 ·
i want to go in programig & develope so right now i m learnig myself C# in linux so my que is its possible to run C# in linux

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Here you go

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to C /C#

But remember linux is not windows....

The thing to understand is C# does not run anywhere.
The idea behind .net is you code in a language (C#, C++, VB.Net, F# and more, then it compiles to an intermerdiate language,
The .net framework then takes the intermdiate language and compiles it native code and runs that.
The mono project is really about that last step.
Unless you are experienced with linux, you might find it easier to start learning with Visual Studio Express (free from MS) on a windows box.

Remember C# is the tool you have chosen to program with (not a bad choice !) C# is not programming though. That would be like saying youbwere going to learn french so you could be an author.

If you haven't gotone, get hold of book on the .Net framwork as well, without getting your head round the why of it, you'll struggle.

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