C Drive empty, but not empty... what to do?

By hisse ·
A few days ago i received all kinds of pop-ups which were coming from a virus. One of the messages i got is: "Catalyst Control Centre: Host application has stopped working"
I deleted the virus (and some trojans) using Mbam in save mode. After deleting the virus my C drive appeared empty, apart from a file named "BOOTSECT.BAK", but my C Driver did contain 35 Gigabite of files and i can open programs located on C drive (like microsoft word and excel).
Also my sounds have stopped working and my pc cant open .exe files that i've downloaded (like new drivers).
Anyone got a clue what could be the problem and how i could retain my files on C drive?

My PC:
Windows Vista Home Premium
ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics
AMD phenom(tm) 8650 Triple-Core processor 2.30 GHz
32 bit operating system

Thanks in advance

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A similar thing happened with a client recently...

by SmartAceW0LF In reply to C Drive empty, but not em ...

THey too had gotten one of these scareware brands of drive-by viruses where it warns your PC is infected with all kinds of stuff.

They took it to another shop here in town who after claiming that everything on the drive was wiped out and expressing their desire to format and begin again, were met with reticence from the client.

She brought it to me and what I found was that the entire "C:\Program Files" folder among many others had all been made "Hidden" files and folders. It was a fairly arduent process correcting all of that, but I managed to do so and return it to her with everything intact and again usable.

As for the problem you have with not being able to open .exe files, this can usually be corrected by simply creating a new user in control panel and then moving your files from the old user profile to your new one. Note: Only move your user data files or folders. Particularly do NOT move the entire profile as that may simply replicate your existing problem. Note Also: their are several .reg fixes for this on the Internet but I have found that often times they do not work either. Try this and report back with your results and we can go from there.

Good luck!

Not that I believe you are going to need it in this case.

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Reponse To Answer

by hisse In reply to A similar thing happened ...

thank you SmartAceW0LF
the files and folders in my c-drive were indeed hidden (so were the files on my desktop, which i didn't mention earlier). I made them show up, by making all hidden files visible.
The problem with not being able to open .exe files are also fixed. The only problems I still have now, is having no sounds and getting "Host Process for Windows Services has stopped working" error msg. Of which i dont know what it means nor does.
Hope you have any ideas on what it is.
Thanks in advance

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sound card missing?

by hisse In reply to C Drive empty, but not em ...

I was trying to find a solution for my sound problem, doing that i tried to find out what sound card i have in Device Manager. But Device Manager only showed "High definition audio device" and "Logitec USB headset" as sound, video and game controllers, of which drivers were up to date.
So it appears i dont have a soundcard attached to my pc anymore, i think.
what to do? what to do?
Thanks in advance

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Need more info...

by SmartAceW0LF In reply to C Drive empty, but not em ...

Is yours a manufactured PC? Give me the model numbers and/or service tags if so. If not, you will need to take the cover off and give me the model and mfgr of the motherboard.

I would strongly suggest you get "Combofix" from and run it in the meantime.

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Not new....

by rbig In reply to C Drive empty, but not em ...

Download the free version, Install it, and update it if necessary.

If the Malware has changed the .exe file association, which some versions of this malware has.

From this website, pix the registry fix for the .exe file association.

Once that registry fix has been applied if necessary, and Malware Bytes has been installed. You will need to reboot the PC and get into safe mode.

To get into safe mode, when booting up you will need to press F8. In the Windows Advanced Screen, choose the Safe mode option.

Once in Safe Mode, just run Malware Bytes to scan all local drives. That should remove it.

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my motherboard

by hisse In reply to C Drive empty, but not em ...

My motherboard is produced by GYGABITE, AMD socket AM2+, chipset: AMD780G, model: GA-MA78GM-S2H. (

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Well there should be a Realtech Driver involved here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to C Drive empty, but not em ...

If you look in Control Panel under Sounds Audio and then the Audio Tab you should be able to chose Realtech from there and get things working again.

Unfortunately with Realtech they do not submit their Drivers for Digital Signing from M$ so you need to install all Realtech Drivers before connecting to the Windows Update Servers. Makes life more than a bit difficult but it's the way that things are.


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Hisse, if the above fails to work for you...

by SmartAceW0LF In reply to C Drive empty, but not em ...

The very link you posted has a download tab on the page. Click it, choose your operating system, download the proper driver and reinstall it.

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both not working

by hisse In reply to C Drive empty, but not em ...

I cant find a tab in which i can choose Realtech and after i downloaded the drivers from Gigabyte, i got "Error Code: -5003 : 0x8004ace8" when clicking setup.exe.
btw. thank you guys much for spending time trying to help me :)

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Reponse To Answer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to both not working :(

RE: i got "Error Code: -5003 : 0x8004ace8" when clicking setup.exe

Yep that's correct you need to install the Realtech Sound Driver before you connect to the Windows Update Server.

here something has trashed the Realtech Audio so you can reload the system and install the Audio Driver before connecting to the Windows Update Servers or plug in an Sound Card made by Creative and turn off the Realtech On Board Sound in BIOS.

If it's just the Sound not working I would fit a base Sound Blaster Sound Card and use that but if there is more not working you really need to reinstall the OS.


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