C Drive filling up in exchange server

By williamoshea ·
I run a Microsoft exchange server 2003, but right now I have less than 5% of disk space left on the C:, What shouldI do,Ihave deleted most unwanted files, but still low on disk space. I need practical advice,thank you

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Well a lot depends on the configuration of the computer

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to C Drive filling up in exc ...

If you have another HDD installed you can move some items to the other HDD and use that as a storage drive.

If you only have the 1 HDD you are sort of stuffed as you don't have much in the way of options other than cloning the drive to something bigger that will still be seen by the System and fully utilized.

Without more information about what is physically attached to this unit and what it's actually doing it's impossible to offer a better answer other than attempting to Compress the existing drive but that will even be of limited use if you are storing all the mailboxes on this drive as it will only be a matter of time before you reach the same position again.


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Mailboxes are on a different partition

by williamoshea In reply to Well a lot depends on the ...

Thanks HAL,
My information store (mailboxes) are on drive which is a different partition on the same physical drive. C: drive is just the system drive with OS files. I hope this information is enough for you to understand my scenario

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So you have two partitions on the one drive

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Mailboxes are on a differ ...

And the Boot Partition is low on space just how big is that particular partition?

Also besides Windows 2003 what if anything else is on it?

If you have a small partition as the Boot Partition you could have some major problems coming your way as Windows tends to grow in size the longer it is on a machine as all the Patches. Hot Fixes and Program Files get copied into parts of Windows and the Program Files Folder.

Short of moving the Program Files Folder to a different Partition I'm not sure just what you can do but this depends entirely on how much drive space was originally allocated for Windows.

If you have heaps of spare space on the second Partition you could resize the individual partitions to give you more drive space on the Boot Partition but there isn't much else that you can do here.


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