C drive full

By shababkath ·
I have 5 GB free space in my C drive. After some time I get a message that the disc is full. After deleting the offline files it again shows 5 GB free space. Is this a virus problem? (OS Windows XP Pro)

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Too many people panic and shout "VIRUS" when there's no problem...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to C drive full

How can you possibly have a virus if deleting some files clears up the problem?

Viruses (virii ??) don't just roll-over and let you delete them - they've got to be removed with anti-virus software.

It's more likely that your remaining 5GB is filling up too quickly because of the way your system is set up.

What is the total capacity of your hard drive?
What do these 'offline files' consist of?

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Virus Unlikely but a Windows problem most likely

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to C drive full

With Windows when the drive gets to less than a certain % of free space you get a message telling you that you have a Full HDD. SO if you have a 40 GIG Drive at 5 GIG that is normal. If you have a 300 GIG Drive a 5 GIG of free space would be way too little so you should constantly be getting messages of a full HDD.

It really depends on what the size of the drive is as to when you will see this message and then you need to decide what you need to do to prevent this appearing.


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