c-language programming

By sampath227 ·
how to write programme in c-language for printing prime no's in a given range.

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by Jaqui In reply to c-language programming

how are you going to learn what you are supposed to in your class if people just give you the answers?

your question is obviously a class assignment.

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by Bizzo In reply to c-language programming

1. This link is to a 7th grade maths page:
It tells you how to determine whether or not a number is prime.
Learn it and understand it.

2. Then this link:
Has tutorials on how to program in C.
Learn it and understand it.

Once you understand both 1 and 2, you should be able to write the program.

If you don't understand either of them, or you don't want to learn either of them, then you really should get out if I.T.

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Try this

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to c-language programming

OuputPrimeNumbers(Start, end);

Alternatively restart the course and turn up this time.

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