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C++ books

By linksshadow ·
What are some good books to learn C++? I am relatively new I know a little about programming in Basic but that is about it.

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by Goober Bob In reply to C++ books

Practical C++ and C++: the core Language from O'reilly are great.

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C++ How to Program, Fourth Edition

by dude In reply to C++ books
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Book for a beginner

by EverEvolving In reply to Why paper books ?

If you are a beginner and would like so called complicated concepts to be explained simply ,then I would ask you to read

C++ Interactive Course
Waite Group Press, Macmillan Computer Publishing .

I really found it useful and sufficient as a beginner.It also has got chapters for Intermediate programmers.In general,this book explains the fundamental concepts very well.

This is also available as a EBook in some of the sites.

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Depends on experience

by wmarkhall In reply to Book for a beginner

If you're new to programming, then I would suggest:

C++ How to Program (any edition)
by Harvey M. Deitel and Paul J. Deitel.

The current release -4th. edtion- is a bit pricey, over $100. Look for an older edtion. 2nd. editions can be found for good prices. ( less than $40 )

The Deitel books are good for all languages, the only trouble with them is that if you've done one you've pretty much done them all! (The code examples are spread across languages) Some might view this as a benefit: I don't. I had the perl book first, then bought the C++ 2nd edition. I was shocked at how many of the same code examples (translated) were in both books.

If you have some programming experience, and want a good, quick entry into C++ that begins with "the good stuff," I suggest:

Accelerated C++: Practical Programming by Example
by Andrew Koenig, Barbara E. Moo.

I used this book in an introductory college C++ course that only required "a high level language" as the pre-req, and theywere correct. In other words, if you know something along the lines of Java Script or you are _very good_ in the BASIC dialect, you can hack this book! -Very concise and well written.

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web sites

by mauleme In reply to C++ books

I have to teach myself in my job... i use sites like about.com (i think it is www.builder.about.com but u can find your topic from www.about.com)
also post heaps of questions on www.tek-tips.com they are a great site and if there is an easy answer u will have it in 24 hours.

there are heaps of other sites such as www.informit.com, this site =),and heaps of private sites..

personally, i subscribe to newsletters and search the web for tutorials.

surf well



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