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I am new to make programs. Currently i created a c++ program that ask the user questions and then takes all the answer it recieved and puts it in html code for a specific web site i designed, basicly a html code generator. I now want to move on to making actual windows programs and i aont want it to run in command prompt everytime, i want them to be able to copy and paste the code, make it easier to use and read. Does anyone know how to make a GUI in C++ for a windows application? Any reading online or in a book that I can look up? And I was also wondering once you have your code and your GUI how to make the code become the program?
Any help would be great,

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Well the usual way is to use

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to C++ GUI

an IDE

Eclipse, Visual Studio, Borland C++ Builder et al.

Doing it from scratch is of course possible, but it's reinventing a lot of wheels.

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