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    c with Orcle


    by ypradeep23 ·

    can i use Oracle as a back end , along with
    what is the way for it?

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      c with Orcle

      by pintu ·

      In reply to c with Orcle

      yes obviously
      there is pro *c tool provided by oracle for doing the same. this sdk provides various interfaces for database.

      i had done the same in 1996 in my final project with oracle 6 on unix platform.

      now with windows programming you can have many api provided for doing the same with c or c++ .

      all you need is to have ODBC driver for Oracle. create Provider and Consumer which will get the data from your require database and supply it to your application(developed using c/C++..).

      OLE-DB is method for doing the same in this time.

      you can easily implement this using win32 api
      if you are using windows platform.

      lemme know about your specification about platform and implementation detail

      i think this would help you in some way


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