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Ca an ISP be hijacked?

By Emmaarkay ·
I am having a HP laptop Intel Pentium 4 with Windows XP. I have subscribed to Verizon DSL. Since five days I am unable to go online and work with my emails and other web resources.

I have had a long phone sessions with Verizon Support, for over 4 hours; but they could not resolve the issue. They blamed that my Browser would have become bad. I use IE 6 or Mozilla 7.
They suggested that I talk to the Hardawre vendor.All other applications in my laptop work, including either of the browsers offline.

Adding to this I could even go online with other open wireless networks in the range. This clearly indicates that my browsers are not at fault and that I am unable to get online with Verizon DSL.

Is it possible that any virus can hijack an ISP?

If so what are the remedies?

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can you

by Dr Dij In reply to Ca an ISP be hijacked?

go online with mozilla? It didn't sound like it from your post. I had problem where spyware corrupted IE so bad my computer would hard freeze when I started IE. Happily I was able to download new vsn IE from m$ with other browser after getting rid of spyware.

They're not hijacking the ISP but your computer.
I'm surprised the DSL modem doesn't have lite indicating it is online? or did you just fail to mention what it shows

Don't DSL modems output ethernet to your PC like a cable modem?

try 2nd computer / portable on the connection. that will eliminate possibility it is your PC

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by Andrew06 In reply to can you

I would agree with Dr Dij, and say that its not the ISP, but something to do with either your connection or your PC itself.

If you cant find the problem on the laptop, try the modem on another computer. I would suggest looking at hte LED indicators on the modem or on your NIC and see if it is transmitting all the time - and if it is, then it could be a trojan/spyware related problem.

I would like to see how you go!

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Remember the Layers!

by antbetweenthelines In reply to

First of all if I had the opportunity to reslolve this I would follow the Layer of the OSI model and start at the physical layer is there a way you ccan test the card against someother network. if so theen can you swap the card with another laptop, if so then seee if they have the same issues if not then try to have someone test the connectivity of it, Step two eliminate the possiblity of a bad physical connection. Do the diagnostics look right is running in the processes of the Task Manager/ the Device Manager. Simple little checks and moving up the OSI model will give you some clues as wher to go but by eliminating the obivious as well as the not so obvious ones will shrink the field of possibilities; dont forget to document what you do either because if someone asks you if you tried this and it should have done this thats where documentation of even tech support is so key in resolving issues. This is not something that can be overlooked because, even if you find the problem right away it may be the signal of some other issue; quite possibly deeper and if you call tech support remember theyr'e human too they have a manual and scripts that they follow they can make an educated guess but in the end they are only as good as they information they receive. Thats why some tech support really bites because they dont always know the answeers but they know how to just read the script and tell you "hey its not us its the vendor." when they run out of scripts. Good luck.

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spyware or virus

by bea94457 In reply to can you

I think that your modem might be acting up but if you have spyware or firewall that it set to high of security it might be blocking the port for the internet.I would turn them off and see if you can log on. I was working with zone alarm and I had been having someone trying to get into my computer so I closed all ports and when I logged off I forgot that I closed everything it was a late night well when I tried to get on I could not. I would scan your computer for a virus it might be one but more likely you have either a bad modem your firwall or spyware is set to high to allow you out.

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Hijack This

by slaramie In reply to Ca an ISP be hijacked?

Down load a free utility called Hijack this. ITs a great utility if you browser has been hijacked.
Which its sounds like yours has.

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