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    .cab files


    by artsoyster ·

    how do i backup the .cab files from my hard drive to a new folder on c: drive so that any lost files,drivers etc can be found by windows on reboot or is there a better way of storing so i dont have to put the windows disc in the cd-rom drive

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      .cab files

      by thechas ·

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      I simply copy the Windows CD onto the hard drive, and install Windows from there.

      I use a separate logical drive, and copy the Windows CD and any needed device drivers to separate folders on the drive.

      folders such as:
      Under drivers, I have a sub-folder for each device.

      On a running system, you can use regedit to change the source drive for the Windows installation. The specific key varies by the version of Windows.

      Caution: Improper use of regedit can cause Windows to not load.
      Proceed with caution.


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      .cab files

      by fred07 ·

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      I use a micron pc boot disk from their site and it does an auto cab install and installs windows from there. ie C: drive.

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      .cab files

      by peab4yougo ·

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      I’ve even gone so far as to just move D:\win98\*.* to the C:\Win98 directory, and run setup. You don’t need the whole CD, just the contents of the WIN98 directory.

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      .cab files

      by wlbowers ·

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      Most everyone copies the win98, the drivers and the tools folders from your windows cd to c:\windows\cab

      Windows 2000 and xp copies what is needed for you.

      Once you have done this and referenced it a few times you should be Jake.

      Good Luck Lee

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