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Cable Internet Disconnects.

By korn_kropus ·

I am having a reoccuring problem when I stream video/music on the internet my internet disconnects itself then i have to unplug the modem then wait 30seconds and plug it back in and I get internet again. take for example I try to watch a clip of something on ( after video is done I try to go browse to something else all i get is Page cannot be found. Can someone Help me??

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Cable Internet Disconnect ...

Contact your ISP to see if that are limiting some downloads or have some other security in place to prevent unauthorized File Sharing.


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by pnoykalbo In reply to Cable Internet Disconnect ...

Try booting your modem. If the problem still persists, ask your ISP provider to replace your modem. You might have a faulty modem.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Cable Internet Disconnect ...

i know nothing! about cable modems but when does that ever stop me?
you could try a couple things that helped me when had sim problems with dsl
1. can you get into modem config and see if you have an auto reconnect option anywhere?
2. can you put modem on ups and see if that helps (i know, you think i really know nothing! now)
3. i tend to agree faulty modem if this used to work but i'd look over all my network wiring and maybe nic media type settings and optimise everything...
what os, browser version i wonder?

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by sgt_shultz In reply to

how about this also:
ping and write the ip address (thank you!)
reproduce the error and when you get page not found, go to command prompt and see what you can see. can you ping by ip address? if yes, can you ping it by name ( if no, you got isp dns problem. who the heck knows what but only thing you could do about it on your end is try for tech support on modem. maybe there is newer firmware or something
if no route to host found then you have problem maybe on your end. try to ping the cable modem by it's lan address. if you can't ping it, that is the symptom to take to modem tech support. they will try to blame it on other stuff like cablign or hubs/switches you may have in your setup so i would reproduce my problem with the stuff hooked directly to my computer using known good cables best of all the ones that came with it.

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cable internet disconnect

by capnp1ff In reply to Cable Internet Disconnect ...

im having the same problem. however, I have optimum and my modem has been working fine, since ive had it, but it seems like i get random disconnects/ called the cable people, and they said there's interference on the line.I get disconnected from the internet completely, the modem wont even go to the internet light, link is fine, but then it randomly starts working fine. I feel that someone is tampering with the line. is this plausible? and if so, what steps should i take

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